Selena Gomez Denies Dumping Justin Bieber Because of Love Child Allegations

By on November 5, 2011

Selena Gomez has refuted rumors that she dumped boyfriend Justin Bieber because of allegations that he fathered a fan’s four-month-old child.

The fan, Mariah Yeaterclaims in court filings that Bieber fathered her son during a 30-second sex session in a bathroom backstage after one of his many packed shows.

Gomez’s representation clarified to Us Weekly that she did not split with Bieber. Earlier in the day, a source had told Radar Online that “Selena ended it abruptly. She broke the news to Justin just in the past 24 hours” even though “Justin has insisted to Selena that the woman’s allegations are simply not true.”

Allegedly, Bieber’s representatives were sent into a panic and had tried “to convince her to stick around in the relationship for a few more weeks, because they fear it will be seen as an admission that something indeed took place between Justin and the woman who is alleging that he’s the father of her baby.”

Do think Selena ended the relationship with Bieber because of the baby??

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