Tyler Perry Letter to Penn State Sex Abuse Victim

By on November 29, 2011

Tyler Perry, actor, writer, director, philanthropist and survivor of childhood sexual abuse, has penned an open letter to the 11 year old victim in the Penn State Scandal to tell him he is his hero.

I don’t know your name, but I know your face. I don’t know your journey, but I know where you are. I am your brother!

I must tell you, what you have done is so courageous. The strength that it must have taken for your 11-year-old voice to speak out about such a horrible act is something that I didn’t have the strength or courage to do at that age.

I was a very poor young black boy in New Orleans, just a face without a name, swimming in a sea of poverty trying to survive. Forget about living, I was just trying to exist. I was enduring a lot of the same things that you’ve come forward and said happened to you, and it was awful. I felt so powerless. I knew what was happening to me, but unlike you, I couldn’t speak about it because no one saw me. I was invisible and my voice was inaudible.

To read Tyler’s complete letter – click here!!


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