America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Cycle 17 Finale Recap 12/7/11-LIVE

By on December 7, 2011

It is the Cycle 17 Finale of “America’s Next Top Model” where the first all-star will be named. It is down to ghetto fabulous Angelea, overly confident Lisa and doe-eyed, Allison. After Southern belle, Laura was sent packing last week in a shocking panel, it is now officially anybody’s game. So, who will end up on top? Find out NOW!

Lisa cannot believe how far she hs gotten but feels that she should be where she is because she has been working for this all her life. She came from an abusive childhood and wants to help her charity that is devoted to abused youth. Angelea told the judges in cycle 14 that they would see her again and the girl from the hood is still holding strong while Allison thinks that this would be the perfect fit for her. She works behind the camera in her daily life so she has that in her pocket but feels that Lisa is a quadruple threat. Lisa thinks Angelea is her biggest competition because of her passion. The models are still in Greece where they will be shooting their Cover Girl ads. Paige Cali, who works for Cover Girl, will be on the set along with Niko Papodopolous, who has shot them before. Jay Maunel hands them their scripts but he tells them not to watch the prompter and just use their personalities, which Lisa is all about. Paige loves Lisa’s personality and the Shadow Blast wows Jay Manuel but her commercial is not as strong, as Jay compares it to a used car salesman. Allison is up next; she remembers in cycle 12 that she had the worst CG ad while this cycle, her eyes make her stunning. She does have issues with her because she has sensitivity to light. However, she has to try to pull through because they are doing close-up, tight eye shots and she can barely squint. It leaves her in tears, not knowing whether or not she will be able to get the shot that is needed. She has said that this has been a hard year because her father passed away from cancer so maybe she should keep that in her mind when she feels any pain and focus on what he went through to get her through the rough moments. She really does have incredible eyes that would be perfect for this shot if she could just keep them open.

Allison hopes that Paige sees the determination behind her eyes; they do end up shooting her with her eyes closed and it is beautiful. She has very little personality on camera though she feels like she is much louder inside her head. Angelea is very nervous and Lisa does not believe that she would be ready for all of this if she does win but her shoot is amazing. She has the most personality when it comes to shooting the commercial and it is like a completely different model from the first episode of this cycle. The next day, they are shooting the cover and spread for Beauty in Vogue with the stylist of Italian Vogue. On set, they bleach Allison’s eyebrows and that gives Angelea a wake up call that she may have some competition in this game. Angelea has been in the bottom two four times already so she knows that this shoot is extremely important to her survival. They soon find out that they will be walking Shannon, Dominique and Laura return to walk with them and the girls will finally get to see the dresses that they designed at the beginning of the cycle with Michael Cinco. Their visions as realities are truly amazing but Allison is very nervous about runway yet she has a cheerleader in Laura while Shannon is on team Lisa. Dominique feels that the judges have such a tough decision ahead of them. They have a water scene and Angelea begins to cry because she does not know how to swim and is scared that this could set her back. She is scared of every little detail because winning ANTM would mean everything to her yet Lisa thinks it’s funny how her competition is already crying and they haven’t even started walking yet.

They start with masks under water and must swim in to the runway show. Lisa gets arrogant and the hair gets stuck in her mask so she has to try again. She rises up and another model emerges as a goddess; her double is Laura. Lisa is loving the idea that she gets to fly but when she gets to the ground, the wind nearly knocks her over but she just decides to have fun with it all when she hears her song come on. It is now Angelea’s turn and she is freaking out and putting way too much pressure on herself. She makes it across the water but is constantly panicking about the wigs they give her and she gets into it when she is flying and can’t wait ti work the runway out when she hears her song come on. Allison is just scared of the intense wind, especially since runway isn’t her strong point. She flops around during her song and just looks stiff, yet beautiful. They all had fun which is the most important part of the whole thing because they will remember this forever. Allison just hopes that she won’t always be runner-up. Post-show, Angelea seems to be getting sick and Lisa loves it. Twisted.

Speaking of twists, when it comes to panel, Nigel Barker reveals that the network  learned some information about Angelea that disqualified her from the competition. Now, it is solely based on the performances of Lisa versus Allison, without the influence of Angelea an who knows how that would have changed the game. They felt Allison needed to work on her walk while Lisa did not perform well when swimming but walked with ease. They think Allison’s CG commercial is very pretty, despite the fact that her eyes were closed; fortunately they were selling eyeshadow. She just needed some more personality  but that’s what Lisa is there for. They think she is super fun and they loved it with the exception of Tyra who felt that she was only half of herself in the commercial. With Allison’s print ad, they are not sure what she is selling whereas with Lisa, only one eye is showing and they feel that is all she needed to prove her point. Now, panel will evaluate their entire bodies of work to see who will have a spread in Vogue Italia, cover of Beauty in Vogue, a celebrity correspondent position on Extra, a national Express campaign and the famous Cover Girl contract worth $100,000. I’m on the fence with this one because they both photograph beautifully but Allison seems more tolerable to me. Lisa has this insane personality and is not afraid to take risks yet Allison inspires. Panel does believe that Lisa is a bit over-confident yet they respect all the hurdles that she has overcome. The light may be Allison’s one hurdle but the judges have now reached a decision.

And the first ever all-star and cycle 17 winner of ANTM is: standing in the dresses that they helped designed, we will congratulate the person on the final shot of the second part of the Modelland video: Lisa D’Amato.

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