Celebrity Wife Swap Ep 1 Preview – Tracy Gold and Carnie Wilson Trade Husbands 1/2/12 – Photos

By on December 29, 2011

Five celebrity couples — including an evangelical pastor, a rapper, a rocker, a professional wrestler and award-winning singers and actors — will put a new spin on the critically-acclaimed reality series, “Wife Swap,” in “Celebrity Wife Swap”.

The featured celebrities and their families are:

* GARY BUSEY, Academy Award-nominated actor for “The Buddy Holly Story” and TED HAGGARD, Evangelical pastor.
* TRACEY GOLD, actress, formerly of “Growing Pains,” and CARNIE WILSON, singer/actress/TV host.
* FLAVOR FLAV, world renowned rapper, and DEE SNIDER, rock star.
* MICK FOLEY, professional wrestler/writer, and ANTONIO SABATO JR., actor/model.
* NIECY NASH, actress/comedienne, and TINA YOTHERS, rocker and actress, formerly of “Family Ties.”

I don’t know about you but seeing Gary Busey switch places with a pastor should be hy-sterical.

In each of the five one-hour episodes, two mothers with very different types of households swap lifestyles and children in a week-long challenge. In the first part of the swap, each mom moves into the other’s home and adopts their new celebrity family’s lifestyle, no matter how different it may be. They agree to follow a manual written by the departing mother that sets out the rules of their new household – how they parent, manage their social life, do house work, unwind and more. In the second half of the week, everything changes. The new moms take charge. They introduce their own set of rules and get to run the new household their way. It’s a radical shock to both celebrity families. The results are explosive, enlightening, emotional and often very funny. At the end of the show, the two celebrity couples meet for the first time. In a deeply honest and highly-charged exchange of views, both couples make a frank assessment of each other and talk about what they’ve learned from the experience. In the process, everyone discovers what it’s like to live a life quite unlike their own.

The first week follows “Tracey Gold / Carnie Wilson”. Gold is a self-described control freak, actress and producer who swaps her very organized home with free-spirited singer/actress/TV host Carnie Wilson, a believer that love is more important than rules, on a special preview episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap,” MONDAY, JANUARY 2 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.


  1. Betty

    January 3, 2012 at 2:38 am

    I was going to watch only a few minutes and change the
    channel,but once I saw a few minutes and continued
    laughing, I could not change the channel. I had NO idea
    that Carnie Wilson was … uh … so down to earth. She
    is a HOOT! I love Tracy Gold and she is a sweet woman
    and I had no idea she was married with 4 kids and a very
    hands-on mom. I love seeing the human side of celebs and
    this program gets two thumbs up from me.

  2. Tracy

    January 3, 2012 at 1:30 am

    Carnie Wilson’s husband is a kept man! He is totally non-participatory in the lives of his wife and children.

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