OK Magazine: Robert Pattinson Begs Kristen Stewart ‘Don’t Leave Me’

By on December 14, 2011

Robert Pattinson was spotted in Los Angeles with actress Sarah Roemer in early December.

The couple ran into a waiting car where Pattinson was said to be stroking Sarah’s hand.  Meanwhile back in England, Kristen Stewart (a.k.a. his sexy goddess) was filming Snow White and the Huntsman.   OK! claims to have the scoop on how Rob is begging Kristen to stay with him!

Of course there was speculation that Pattinson was cheating on Stewart – and she was furious. Because when you are cheating on someone, you take the “other woman” out in public for all to see. That would make sense?

Rob denies any infidelity, claiming it was an innocent night out with platonic pals. But now he is terrified that Kristen, 21, might come not believe him and he’s desperately trying to save their relationship.


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