Matt Damon Explains How Ben Affleck Dealt with “Bennifer” Media Frenzy

By on December 10, 2011

Matt Damon recently spoke to PARADE magazine about the invasion of privacy for A-list stars and he used best friend Ben Affleck‘s “Bennifer” phase as an example.

He told the magazine that,

“at the height of the whole thing with Jennifer Lopez, I remember Ben [Affleck] telling me about one of his days off.   It was a Sunday, and I think he’d been shooting, like, six-day weeks.   The gas tank in his car was full, and he pulled out of the driveway where they were living, and there were 20 cars there waiting.   He just drove toward San Francisco, checking the gas gauge. When it was halfway full, he turned around and drove all the way back-driving for five, six hours. He never got out of the car.”

Damon continued that Affleck said,

“‘I was so angry at these guys for invading my life, that I was taking the very little free time I had and wasting it, in order to get back at them.’ I think he kind of broke through to this other place. He said, ‘I just can’t give it any more energy.'”

I can’t imagine being stalked like that – all the time.  How crazy.


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