Ryan Gosling to Settle Down With Eva Mendes?

By on December 3, 2011

Ryan Gosling wants to settle down with Eva Mendes.

A source told In Touch magazine that their recent Thanksgiving holiday in Paris together made Ryan even more sure that he can be together with Eva forever.

The source explained, “Ryan is telling everyone that he’s very serious about Eva. He is head-over-heels and plans to settle down with her.”

However, Ryan’s friends have told him to enjoy the moment. ¬†Although his friends are happy that Gosling is so happy, they think he could benefit more from dating rather than setting up a home with Eva. ¬† The insider added that “Ryan doesn’t take dating lightly. He falls in love very deeply.”

Eva is also said to be thrilled with her relationship with Ryan, though she doesn’t want to rush into anything. Another source claims, “Eva really likes Ryan, but she may not be as serious about him as he is about her.”

What do you think – is Ryan rushing things with Eva??

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