Steve Buscemi Hosts Saturday Night Live (SNL) 12/3/11 – Videos Here

By on December 4, 2011

Steve Buscemi hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night (December 3rd) with musical guest The Black Keys.

Steve Buscemi

Some highlights include President Obama reviewing the hierarchy of power in the United States in “Obama Cold Open,” Miley Cyrus discussing her Bob Marley birthday cake in “Miley Cyrus Show,” the Caped Crusader getting a little too personal in “SNL Digital Short: Batman,” and Steve Buscemi playing a suspicious-looking assistant coach in “Coach Bert.”

Also, be sure to also check out The Black Keys’ performances of “Lonely Boy” and “Gold On The Ceiling!”

Obama In One Cold Open
Faced with frustrations in passing policy, President Obama reviews the hierarchy of power in the United States.

Steve Buscemi Monologue
Steve, who has flourished as the leading man in “Boardwalk Empire,” gives advice to actors who always play auxiliary characters.

Frozen Mexican Dinner
Suffering from constipation? Pop in a frozen Mexican dinner and ay ay ay.

Miley Cyrus Show
Miley, who is not shy about her marijuana use, welcomes her boyfriend, Jeff, and Whitney Houston as guests.

SNL Digital Short: Batman
Commissioner Gordon can’t seem to shake that Batman, who’s starting to show up at the most unusual times.

Dateline’s Keith Morrison gets a kick out of investigating a brutal murder in The Mystery of the Chopped Up Guy.

Coach Bert
In the wake of recent college sex scandals, a college basketball program looks into a suspicious-looking assistant coach.

The Black Keys: Lonely Boy
Musical guest The Black Keys performs “Lonely Boy.”

Weekend Update: Herman Cain
Herman Cain stops by Weekend Update to talk about his decision to suspend his campaign to be the GOP’s presidential nominee.

Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle
A drunk uncle rambles on about the holiday season.

Weekend Update Favorites: 12/3/11
Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers.

Surprise Lady
When Playskool workers gather to surprise a coworker with a promotion, Sue has a hard time handling the moment.

Sex Ed Couples Therapy
Sex Ed, who has some questionable credentials, is offering bedroom advice in his Couples Workshop Sex Intensive class.

The Black Keys: Gold On The Ceiling
Musical guest The Black Keys performs “Gold On The Ceiling.”

It’s time to open up the ornaments and have Sheila decorate the Christmas tree.

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