American Idol Season 11 Ep.4 Auditions Recap 1/25/12-Aspen, CO

By on January 25, 2012


“American Idol” is in its eleventh season and now finds itself in Aspen, Colorado for more auditions. So, what can we expect tonight? Probably some people who think that they can sing, some who actually can and more of Steven Tyler’s dirty remarks towards women of all ages. Come back at 8 p.m. when we will be blogging LIVE; you won’t want to miss it. THIS…is American Idol! Aspen is known as a family vacation spot so it seemed perfect that the AI family would head there for some “cool” auditions. Steven Tyler jokes that he has a headache and needs an Aspen. Please don’t let that be the most amusing part of this episode. First up is 24 year-old Jennifer, a K-6 teacher, who is anti-recorders, you know those hideous two dollar instruments from grammar school. She is so stoked to meet Steven Tyler because he is one of the celebs that she is allowed to kiss in her relationship. She also has Lady GaGa and Adam Levine, fine choices. She sings “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benetar and she’s actually pretty good in an out of the box way and they all say yes so with a kiss to Steven, she is off to Hollywood.

Curtis from Florida is a sweet teddy bear with a very beautiful and unexpected voice and he gets a unanimous yes so he is off to Hollywood and I predict him to be in the final 12. Richie is the new Scotty McCreery and Devan has a whole Luther Vandross thing going on. Math thinks he’s John Legend and Prince mixed in one and he’s a trip leading Steven to sing along with him. All three are sent through. 19 year-old Tealana is a twin who feels like she lives in her sister’s very talented shadow; she feels that way for a good reason: she sucks. Steven tells her to record herself, listen back and hear what they heard but they all loved her energy and cuteness.

Eighteen year old Haley loves the outdoors and the wilderness, very free and natural. She has three jobs to make ends meet and is hoping that being a singer can save her from that life. She’s super Joplin in the way she talks and vibes. She’s got some Joplin to her but is a bit too screechy and I am definitely not a fan while it is clear that the judges love her. Steven says he is honored to be there listening to her voice while Randy loves that she is committed to being herself. Of course, she is going to Hollywood reminding me of Crystal Bowersox.

Lunch is over, well for everyone but Steven who cannot stop chowing down. Alanna is a bartender who serves bull testes aka Rocky Mountain Oysters and sings a Dolly Parton song. The judges noted that she was pitchy and that though she was nice, she did not have the voice. Up next is Shelby who loves to sing so much that it makes her emotional; singing has helped her deal with her depression and recent Bipolar diagnosis. AI has given her and her mother something to believe in and she wants to show everyone the BP does not define who you are. She is automatically in when it comes to her story because we need more people out there like her who are open and honest with their struggles and battles. They think her singing is beautiful and they call her “fearless.” She gets a unanimous yes and it is the best part of this season thus far; she better make it far so everyone vote.

Yay, a montage of the really bad singers!! They really think that they can sing and I love that. Jairon is up and he is prepared to sing a self-written song which some have said is not the best idea. He sounds like Chris Brown and they really like what he has to bring to the table and with that, he is off to Hollywood. When he has left, they all agree that Jairon is a real artist; he proceeds outside to accidentally smash glass.

Next up, is a Lady Gaga wannabe, Angie because she feels like she makes everything a performance. She feels like she is one of a kind but reminds me of Katy Perry.  Is this a Broadway production, is she Betty Boop? She is off of her rocker but I like it. Jennifer requests to hear something that is not a show tune to prove Randy wrong that this chick actually has something. Randy sees the light and she is off to Hollywood.

It’s the end of the day and though it is peaceful outside, it is a party on the inside. Especially for the wacko, Magic, who is last up. He has an insane amount of air guitars  and a British accent but is from Iowa. He claims that his family was so broke that he only has PBS growing up so he watched a lot of BBC. He refuses to say how old he is and it is even blurred out under his name. He is denied and walks out with Steven and keeps asking what has happened. This guy is awesome and straight out of Spinal Tap; he should have gone through because he was the coolest guy ever. Tomorrow night, we are off to Texas where anything can happen.

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