David Beckham’s Priorities Have Changed – Family First

By on January 20, 2012

David Beckham has revealed why he decided to turn down a lucrative and prestigious contract to play soccer in Paris in order to sign a new two-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The Daily Mail reports that the soccer star  explained, “When you’re married and you have children, your priorities change.”

He admitted that prior to in their younger years, ‘It was a lot easier for us to make decisions based on our careers” and now “We have three amazing boys and a little girl we have to look after so now our priorities are all about them.”

Beckham added, “My family are happiest here at the moment. We love living in LA, we love living in America. We’ve adapted to the culture and everything the country has.”

He also spoke about his retirement plans, saying “I need to be passionate about something I’m going to go into. People always ask me if I’ll go into coaching when I retire. I love coaching but I’d love to go into the field to places like Sierra Leone, to Africa, to see the kids and coach them.”


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