Heidi Klum Divorcing Seal Because of His Partying or Did He Cheat?

By on January 22, 2012

The internet is abuzz with rumors of Heidi Klum preparing to file for divorce from her husband of almost seven years, Seal.  

There hasn’t been a formal statement made but already the speculation has begun as to why this seemingly happy couple are not so happy after all.

One of the reasons being cited is Seal’s recent interest in partying hard without his wife.   A source told the Sunday Mirror that trouble between the couple started when Klum and Seal were in Spain on vacation with their four children.

The insider explained that although “they were always the couple everybody strived to be but lately it all started to change. Seal seems to have been partying a lot more often than usual. When they had their holiday in Ibiza last summer, Seal hit it hard, was out at clubs and with his friends a lot and Heidi was left with their kids trying to enjoy herself. The cracks were appearing and everybody was talking during that trip. He seemed off the rails.”

In addition, “They’ve spent a lot of time apart too on work assignments and that hasn’t helped matters. Then when Seal came back to the UK to do promotional work for his next album, he seemed sleepy and not with it on shows like Loose Women, when he was very late for his appearance.”

It is only a matter of time before the cheating rumors begin.  Seal has admitted to cheating in previous relationships saying,

Have I cheated before? Hell, yes! Not in my marriage, but in relationships before,” he admitted. “I mean, I’m married first of all to one of, if not the most wonderful, women in the world. She is funny, attractive, hard-working, she has integrity, and she loves me to bits.”

Once a cheater, always a cheater or was it his partying or none of the above?

Apparently, Klum will likely file divorce papers at the Los Angeles’ County Superior Court this week citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married in 2005.


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