Suburgatory Season 1 Ep 11 ‘Out In The Burbs’ Recap 1/11/12

By on January 11, 2012

Father-Daughter Duo Tessa (Jane Levy) and George (Jeremy Sisto) have been adjusting to life in the suburbs after moving out of Manhattan. Along the way, they’re discovering that the city and the ‘burbs are two completely different beasts, and there’s a lot that they don’t know.

In this week’s episode, Tessa is assigned to take the school’s newest student, Josh (Dan Byrd), under her wing. After knowing him all of five minutes, she is thrilled that her “gaydar is still as fine tuned as Liberace’s piano” (proof, she believes, that she hasn’t lost her city-girl cool factor) and she becomes convinced he’s gay. After all, Josh has set his sights on the hottest guy in school, and seems determined to get to know him.

When Josh realizes Tessa has found him out, he begs her to keep it between the two of them. However, Tessa has to break the news to her quirky friend Lisa (Allie Grant), who has fallen for Josh. Rather than being crestfallen when Tessa spills Josh’s secret, Lisa decides that it’s “draft season,” and time for Josh to “switch teams.” She shows up later dressed as a dude, trying to somehow convince Josh that she is not actually a chick (… her logic seems a bit skewed).

Tessa feels she needs to help Josh realize he needn’t be ashamed of his sexuality, and she meets with Mr. Wolfe (Rex Lee), the guidance counselor, asking him how he decided to come out. Perplexed, he believes she is referring to leaving Indiana (“I packed some bags and hopped on a bus”)… Tessa quickly drops the subject, realizing Mr. Wolfe is also hiding his true colors.

Meanwhile, on the grownup side of town, George is trying to quash his feelings for Dallas (Cheryl Hines), the MILF in town, and the mother of Tessa’s arch-nemesis Dalia (Carly Chaikin). While there is clearly an attraction between the pair, Dallas is married (although this fact is rarely mentioned on the show). As George begins to push Dallas away, Dallas is trying even harder to gain his time and affection (in the grocery store, she tries to get George to feel her melons… actual melons, not figurative ones). She asks George to visit a retail space that she’s renting where she plans to sell “crystal paperweights with 3D laser-etchings of loved ones.” Irritated, George tells Dallas he knows this is all a ploy for Dallas to get his attention (“who would want to buy that crap?!”), and storms out.

Back in the halls of Chatswick High School, Josh seeks Tessa out to thank her for “turning him on” to his eye-candy telling Tessa he’s “gonna nail him… right here in the hallway.” Moments later, a police task force barges down the hall, tackling Josh’s “crush.” Turns out – Josh’s secret wasn’t that he was gay, but that he was an undercover narcotics cop, making a bust on high school drug dealers.

Tessa is bummed, her gaydar is broken.

After Tessa recaps the events to George, he begins to feel bad for jumping down Dallas’s throat about her “advances.” He goes to her retail space where he finds her speaking with other contractors to get bids, and realizes that he jumped to conclusions (and also, he’s kind of a jerk because she really does want to sell that “crap”). When asked, Dallas tells him that their shared kiss at Christmas had nothing to do with him, and everything to do with her relationship with her husband (she was trying to “find” herself). George accepts this, however he seems a little bummed… seems like the George/Dallas love-fest will make it another week.

The episode ends with Mr. Wolfe giving a short PSA to the students at Chatswick High School (“don’t buy drugs, don’t accept rides from strangers, and never eat the cafeteria veal medallions”). As he closes out his speech, he quickly throws in that he’s gay, and will be driving a Miata if anyone has any questions. He then sits down with Tessa, thanking her for the courage to come out so that he can express his love of deep V-neck t-shirts.

So, what do you think – where will George and Dallas end up? And how is Tessa going to cope with the reality that her city-slicker street smarts are starting to fade away?

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