America’s Next Top Model Recap Cycle 18 British Invasion 2/29/12-LIVE

By on February 29, 2012

It is Cycle 18 of “America’s Next Top Model British Invasion” and this will be one that no one will ever forget, even though last season’s all-stars were fierce.

First off, judge Andre Leon Talley is OUT and Kelly Cutrone is IN. Secondly, the model’s are a mix of all-stars from “Britain’s Next Top Model” and newbies from the U.S. of A.

Joined by fellow Brit, Kelly Osbourne, this will be one cycle that you won’t want to miss. Come back at 9p.m. when we will be blogging LIVE from ANTM; you want to be on top? It’s the first international cycle and Tyra has pinned 7 Americans up against 7 Brits.

  • Azmarie: US
  • Sophie: UK
  • Annaliese:UK
  • Kyle: US
  • Mariah: US
  • Catherine: UK
  • Laura: US
  • Ashley: UK
  • Jasmia: UK
  • Eboni: US
  • Seymone: US
  • Alisha: UK
  • Candace: US
  • Louise: UK

The women are greeted by Miss J and Nigel Barker and the American girls are shocked when they discover that half of their competition is British. They will first have a parade followed by a runway competition. This cycle is off and running.

It is a fierce parade with all of the women but the Americans feel that because they are on their home turf, they will dominate. Ashley is the one who reveals that the models from the UK are all-stars and most of the US models cannot understand what their foreign competition is saying.

Ashley is from Scotland and comments that she will most likely be subtitled on the show, which is so true. Michael Buffer comes out to referee the models, Team UK and Team USA. First, it is Laura against Annaliese in the runway challenge.

Catherine vs. Mariah, Jasmia vs. Azmarie, Ashley vs. Candace(who’s tried out 8 times), Alisha vs. Eboni, Sophie vs. Kyle, Louise vs. Seymone. The Brits want to take over the competition by voting out all of the American models; at the house, the UK girls are in one room and the USA girls are in another room.

The US girls are complaining about the lack of closet space but the Brits remind them that they won’t be around long so they won’t be needing space. One big shocker for me is that the Brits are very conservative while the American girls want to party and skinny dip.

In their first challenge, they will be paired up with a rival, posing as an icon from their country with sixty cameras around them. The icons range from Queens to pop stars; it really is amazing how they pose on these trampolines.

Sophie starts to feel like the her girls are cracking under the pressure which they shouldn’t be because they have already done a Top Model cycle. The accents really make this cycle exciting because the biggest challenge is trying to understand what everyone is saying.

I do love Sophie, playing for the UK side because she is super adorable and really fierce. Catherine is my least fave UK girl and the Americans are kind of bland this cycle. Mariah is awesome because she is the first Native American on ANTM, like straight off the reservation and she is gorgeous.

Ashley is supposed to be portraying Princess Diana but she looks more like a cheap version of Michelle Williams. She thinks that she sucked and would not be upset if she got sent home because she knows that she didn’t live up to her potential.

Alisha is the most dedicated for sure like this is her career and dream and she will push through as hard as possible while Ashley’s weakness seems to be her two kids back at home.

Now, the girls are at panel wearing patriotic lipstick and shirts and get to meet the judges: Tyra, Nigel Barker, Kelly Cutrone (I LOVE HER) who is a PR maven and guest judge, Kelly Osbourne.

The prizes are similar to last year: a spread in Vogue Italia, a contract with CBS, guest correspondent for Extra, contract with LA/NY Models, $100,000 contract with Cover Girl and a shoot for ANTM’s new fragrance. Not too shabby.

Thus far, none of the women have truly portrayed the icons that they have been given, aside from Catherine who did a fairly decent job. Kyle does a good Andy Warhol yet Kelly Osbourne feels like a lot of the photos could have been taken at a theme park.

Sophie is called fierce and I’m stoked because I think her look really is universal. When it comes to looking at the photos, I love how bold Kelly Cutrone is; that’s what makes her a fabulous business woman and a great judge though Andre Leon Talley will be missed.

They really love Seymone as well as Sophie and Kelly C. feels like this is the strongest photo of the bunch. They also comment that Ashley is a royal mess in her Princess Di shoot, which I already commented on.

The best photo goes to Seymone, runner-up is Kyle followed by Sophie, Laura, Catherine, Candace, Mariah, Azmarie, Eboni, Louise, Elisha, Annaliese leaving Jasmia and Ashley in the bottom. One Brit will be heading home on their international flight.

The one who gets to stay is the one who thought she would leave: ASHLEY. She has a light and an energy and the judges connected with her as a person. All she has to do is bring that to the camera.

We say good-bye to JASMIA so it leaves us with US-7; UK-6!

Next week, the girls will pose with teen models Kendall and Kylie Jenner; so exciting!



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