Ashton Kutcher Visiting Demi Moore and Providing Spiritual Support

By on February 4, 2012

Ashton Kutcher was seen entering Demi Moore’s Benedict Canyon estate this week, in another visit to his estranged wife. He has been visiting her since her hospitalization, praying with her and offering her his support.

We previously reported on her struggle with anorexia and the ‘whip-it’ incident which led to her seizure recently. While Demi was going through this, Kutcher was in Brazil, was seen with another woman at a time when Demi needed him. He was criticized for not being with his wife, but as soon as he returned to LA he sought counsel and guidance from the Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills on how he could best help Demi.

Radaronline is reporting a “source” stated,

“This has been a very hard time for Ashton. He loves Demi very much, and he feels absolutely helpless right now. Ashton and Demi have been praying together at her house, and he mainly just wants to provide comfort to her right now.

“This absolutely isn’t a reconciliation, but there is still a lot of love there and he would never turn his back on her — it’s just not who Ashton is.”

Demi is surrounded by people who want her to go to rehab, but Ashton isn’t pressuring her to do anything she isn’t ready for.

The source continues:

“Ashton has had loved ones in his life that have dealt with addiction issues, and he realizes that it’s counter-productive for someone to be forced to go to rehab. Ashton knows the addict has to want to get help for themselves. There is a lot of noise around Demi right now, and Ashton wants her to know he is there for her and supports her no matter what.

“Ashton absolutely wants her to get help for what he thinks is the biggest threat to her health, anorexia, but Demi just isn’t ready to take that next step yet.”

On the set of Two and a Half Men, Kutcher has reportedly been “reclusive, and very somber.”


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