Private Practice Season 5 Ep 13 Recap 2/2/12 – ‘The Time Has Come’

By on February 3, 2012

Erica and Mason are brought into the emergency room following a car accident.

Thankfully neither of them is seriously injured but the cause of the accident was Erica’s tumor, leaving Cooper threatening to have her license revoked if she drives with his son again.

Coop is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Erica is dying. Charlotte begs Coop to try and convince Erica to try treatment so he asks Erica to fight, for more time and for Mason, and she finally agrees.

Meanwhile Pete catches Violet and her hot, young paramedic boyfriend kissing. Pete doesn’t like what he sees,especially since Lucas almost witnessed the event. Pete demanded that Violet stop seeing him, but Violet was quick to remind Pete that he left her, even after she begged him to stay. This ultimately leads to Violet’s decision to sleep with her new boy toy. Once again we see a couple make their bed partner decision based on revenge.

Besides Erica we also see a new patient Rick, a soldier who recently returned home from Afghanistan. He and his wife Kelly initially come for couples counseling, as he is distant emotionally and sexually since his return. Sheldon sense there is more to the story, but Rick is resistant to talking. Rick is a friend of Sam’s and when he stops by his house, he finds him unconscious after a suicide attempt. Rick survives, but at the hospital, he wants to know why they saved him. He eventually opens up to Sheldon about having been violently raped by his (male) commanding officer. He’s ashamed and blames himself. When he tells his wife she doesn’t understand how a soldier couldn’t fight off the attack and asks him if he is really gay? Kelly wants to leave her husband but Sam speaks with her, as does Sheldon and she eventually is there for her husband.

Addison and Jake took a road trip to Palm Springs to attend a conference. At the conference, Addison drinks too much and of course propositions Jake for sex. This is Addison. Is there anyone she won’t sleep with? Addison needs to settle down. Jake turns her down because she’s drunk and just trying to get over Sam. This is definitely another season of sexual tension teasing drama.

The end of the episode shows Sam getting an urgent call and then at the jail where he picks up his sister.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you want to see Addison and Jake together? What about Violet and Pete? Did you ever think Cooper and Charlotte would be the stable couple?

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