The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 13 Recap 2/2/12 – ‘Medallion’

By on February 3, 2012

This week Adam has a birthday, Dawn gets sliced twice, psychics are added to the shows mythology and Cassie gets more in touch with her dark side.

A psychic shows up in ChanceHarbor and immediately goes to Cassie, claiming to be a former friend of her parents and warning her that the witch hunters are coming.  This same psychic, Lucy – who bares a striking resemblance to Nurse Rose from Gray’s Anatomy circa 2008 – saw Cassie in the last episode when she went back into Jake’s memory of the day of the fire.

Later that day Cassie and Jake are trying to figure out how the medallion Cassie recently retrieved, the same medallion that saved her father from the witch hunters, works.  Cassie unleashes some of its power but in doing so almost brings the circle’s house down on her and Jake.  Adam interrupts the two and demands to know what is going on.  Cassie explains that all she wants to do is keep the circle safe and the only way to do that is figure out the medallion so that she can use it like her father did.

Adam goes on about how Jake can’t be trusted, Cassie argues that he has changed, and the two beat that dead horse repeatedly throughout the episode until finally Cassie comes over to Adam’s side when Jake admits that he has killed a witch in the past.  Seeing as how he was a witch hunter, I am not sure why she is surprised.  Before Cassie rejects Jake, however, the two journey to Lucy’s hotel room to find out more about the medallion and Lucy tells them that a bound circle can activate the medallion by performing a ritual.

Elsewhere it is Adam’s birthday party and Melissa and Faye are getting high on devil’s spirit.  Melissa seems to like the stuff a bit too much and I am sure that plot line will end well for all involved.

Lucy shows her true colors when after being threatened by Dawn to find the family Crystals so that she can have one to fight of Charles or Ethan, whoever has one this week. (This week Charles drugs Ethan and steals the crystal from him, so the ball is in his court, so-to-speak.)  Instead of finding a crystal for dawn she guts her with a big knife.  Thankfully Charles shows up with his newly stolen crystal to heal her or else Faye would be mommyless.

Lucy and the circle meet after the party and begin the ritual that she describes only instead of activating the medallion’s power, it begins to drain all of the circle’s magic.  Thankfully Cassie remembers the spell her father spoke when he used the medallion and almost barbecues Lucy who leaves town… and is promptly murdered by another witch hunter.

At the end of the episode both Cassie and Dianna make strides in their relationships with Adam, Faye hooks up with a dejected and rejected Jake, and Cassie gets in touch with the full power of the medallion, now that she know how to use it.

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