Selena Gomez Gets Heart Tattoo

By on February 23, 2012

She may have just left her band, “The Scene” but Selena Gomez has added something to her life: a new heart tattoo on her wrist.   She got inked at Under the Gun in Hollywood by Louis Gomez.

It is said that 19 year-old Selena was not even nervous when she sat down to get her wrist done and fans are questioning if this tattoo is a symbol for boyfriend, Justin Bieber. He is also familiar with tattoo guns as he has three himself.

Selena was so content with her new ink, that she took the time to take a photo with her artist then post it up on Twitter for fans to see. So where was her BF? In the studio, though he supported Selena from afar as well as promoted his upcoming birthday.

Wonder what Selena is planning on getting her beau of over a year? Hopefully, we will get to see soon enough.


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