The Voice Season 2 Ep.4 Recap 2/20/12-Blind Auditions Continued LIVE

By on February 20, 2012

The teams are being built, click here to see what happened last week, as Season 2 of “The Voice” continues its blind auditions. Just a reminder, this year each mentor will have twelve singers rather than eight. So who will the judges turn around for tonight?   With only a handful of spots left, the coaches are being very picky.

The blind auditions continue tonight:

  • Ducky, 26 from Pennsylvania – performs “Tighten Up’.  None of the judges turn around.  Cee Lo tells him we are looking for the best possible voice they can find.   Blake says he’ll probably look back on it and regret not choosing Ducky.
  • Jonathas – born in Brazil.  When he first came to America he learned English by listening to music.  sings ‘You Got it Bad’.  Both Christina and Cee Lo turn around.  Cee Lo tells him he “thought it was a prank and it was really Usher”.  Jonathas picks Christina as his coach.
  • Monique Benabou, 23, from California.  Took care of her mother who was sick with breast cancer when she was only 12.  Sang ‘Mr. Know It All’.   Christina Aguilera picks Monique.
  • Naia Kete, 21 from Hollywood, Ca. Naia is a street performer with her brother and boyfriend.  Sang ‘The Lazy Song’.  Blake runs around immediately, followed by Cee Lo.  Blake Shelton has a new person on his team.
  • Charlotte Sometimes, 23, from New Jersey.   Charlotte had a disease when she was 14 where her jaw disintegrated.  She had to have surgery where her jaw was wired shut for 5 months.  Sings ‘It’s Too Late’.  All of the judges turn around but Charlotte chooses Blake.
  • Erick Mack, 31, Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, none of the judges turn around.  Christina tells him his singing was mellow.
  • Tony Vincent is a performer on Broadway but wants to sing pop. Sings ‘We are the Champions.’  Cee Lo turns around and he is on Cee Lo’s team.
  • Anthony Evans, a gospel singer whose father is a well-known pastor. He has performed for years but this is the biggest crowd he has ever been in front of. Blake was the one who encouraged Christina to push her button and he ends up on her team.
  • Jamie Lono, 22 from Chicago who works at a sandwich shop called Potbelly. He performs once a week at his job and is given his invitation for the show from a co-worker. When he was 2, he had a growth on his lung and had to have half his lung removed. Because of this, his family had to file bankruptcy but they have boosted themselves back up and here he is, singing Johnny Cash. Adam is first to turn his chair around followed by Cee Lo who thinks they should hook up because he eats sandwiches. Adam says he will make sure that he will never have to make another sandwich again and turned around because of his soul. He goes with Cee Lo.
  • Dylan Chambers, 19 from Texas. His mother has a theatrical background so she would cast him in the theater. He did not have a dad so he retreated to his room but that helped him progress in singing. No one presses their buttons and that sucks because he was awesome. I’m pressing my button for you, Dylan!
  • Nathan Anderson, sang ‘walking In Memphis’ sang his ass off but did not get picked. Adam Lasher sang ‘How You Remind Me’ and it was atrocious.
  • Justin Hopkins, 30 was in the Carson Daly Band as a house guitarist. He really wants Cee Lo to pick him and if this does not happen, it will be over for him. He sings ‘Babylon’ and he seems suited for Adam’s team. Cee Lo presses his button and all is right with the world. Carson is stoked for him and it is great.
  • Nicolle Galyon, 27 and a country singer who wants to change the face of country. She plays the piano and not the guitar so that makes her unique. She sings ‘You Save Me’ and she should be on Blake’s though I don’t know how Miranda would feel about that because she’s really pretty. Adam pushes his button first leading her 10-year-old brother to tears. Adam is so happy that no one else turned their chair around because now she is all his.
  • Ashley De La Rosa- Team Christina
  • Jordan Rager– Team Blake
  • Karla Davis– Team Adam
  • Alyx– Team Blake
  • Mathai, 18 from Dallas, TX and comes from a family of doctors. She realized last year that this was what she had to pursue because it was where her heart was and it is hard for her community to understand that she is not going to school. She now has to prove to her parents that choosing music over med school was the right choice. She sings ‘Rumour Has It’ and Adam immediately turns around. Blake and Cee Lo turn as well but Christina must be above an amazing voice. Blake calls her a star and says he really likes her a lot because she has such a unique voice. Of course, he and Adam have to bicker because that is what they do and they do it well. She goes with Adam.
  • Eric Tipton, 31 and a 300 lb. white guy who claims that his voice does not match the way that he looks. He sings ‘You Make My Dreams’ and should so be on Cee Lo’s team; he’s got Cee Lo and Adam grooving in their chairs. No one pushed their buttons! Makes no sense because he had an amazing voice and they claim that they are down to the wire and have to be picky. They also agree that they could not get the image of original singers, Hall and Oates out of their heads while he was singing so that was a downfall. I’m going to have a Team Mandi!

And with that, week 4 of the blind auditions are over. Adam has just two spots to fill on his team and of course, I’m recruiting for Team Mandi. Have a great night!

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