Angelina Jolie Talks Famous Leg Pose

By on March 24, 2012

Angelina Jolie’s famous ‘leg’ pose may have caused a stir after the Academy Awards, with photos of the leg even emerging on the Statue of Liberty, but Jolie didn’t even notice.

Angelina spoke to the Huffington Post saying,

I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it. And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff. I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.

It was hard not to notice but when you’re Angelina Jolie and people are always talking, you can’t blame her for not “clicking” on it. What do you think??

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