The Amazing Race 20 2012 Recap 4/22/12- Bollywood Travolta

By on April 22, 2012

This is my first time watching the Emmy winning “The Amazing Race” so I am excited to see what is so amazing about the hit show. If you missed last week’s episode, it’s all good; click here for all the details.

Tonight, the contestants find themselves in India and by glancing at the photos, anything can happen. And by this point, it truly is anyone’s game.

There are five teams left and of course, one has to get eliminated tonight. During Leg 7, Bopper twisted his knee so he seeing a medic. He and partner, Mark need this money so badly but get god news that a brace can help his knee.

They came in first last week and now they still want to do whatever they can to stay in the game. Major Dave and Rachel have made enemies with Art and J.J. when they did not use the U-Turn in the last leg. It’s reminded that it is a game and no one is here to make friends.

Brendon and Rachel are showing that they are still in the game by surviving the U-Turn, as did another team who still has yet to use one. Time to fly to Cochin, India and this is when it will start to get complicated.

At this point, Rachel and Dave are in first place as all the teams try to find the right bus to get where they need to go. Bopper is a real trooper going on with his messed up knee while one player observes how little the people are in India. Another notes how busy everything is.

I feel bad for Bopper but Mark is no great travel companion since he gets sick on every mode of transportation. Everyone must make their way to Sacred Heart College where they meet up with Bollywood dancers. They must learn a dance and once the director thinks that they are ready, they will be filmed and receive their next clue.

Though some have a dancing background, Bollywood is so foreign to them. All Rachel (with Brendon) can focus on is how cute the outfits are because that is really what matters in the end. Bigger issues with J.J. who at this point is wishing that he was on a co-ed team when it comes to dancing.

Bopper and Mark are still on their way to the college and all we hear about is Mark using his barf bag. I feel like he is convincing himself that he is going to be sick the whole ride then ultimately does. Wrong game for you buddy!

These kids should not be dancers and I can just see a disaster with Hopper and his bum knee. The girls seem to be mastering the dancing over anyone else; Rachel and Dave finish first and must go to an Indian Coffee House for their next clue.

Each team has a detour where they can choose between cricket or clutch it. Once they accomplish their detour, they will get their next clue. Mark is still struggling as a dancer because of the heat and the fact that he is not feeling so well. Meanwhile, Rachel is getting mad at Brendon when she has to keep attempting to get the dance right.

Mark is finally ready to try the dance while he is convinced that he is going to die as Rachel keeps balling her eyes out. Brendon tells her she’s emotional and her response is it is because she is a girl. Yeah, maybe she is just a brat and is afraid of losing.

The girls who dance are kicking the guys butts and that is amazing for women’s empowerment and we will just forget little emotional Rachel. Mark is continuing to get sicker yet I think that he is doing a good job dancing; apparently the director is blind.

While doing their detour, Dave and Rachel are battling because he keeps telling her to listen to him because he is her husband. Yeah, okay, shoot down our one minute of women’s empowerment.

Most teams choose clutch it even though some are not the best of drivers. Brendon and Rachel finally choose cricket so that is exciting to see something new and different. Rachel and Dave end up first and get a trip to Saint Lucia so they are super stoked, having come in first five times thus far.

Mark is losing it quickly and his teammate is more concerned with his safety than the money. He wants Mark to just forget it but he refuses because all he is thinking about is the money but at this point, they are most likely going to be eliminated.

Brendon and Rachel come in number two while Bopper tries to convince Mark that it is time to go home. What is more important? His kids or his health and he realizes that being with his children cannot even compete with the money. I think that it is awesome that they are so close that they would give up a million dollars for each other’s safety and well-being.

The director tries to convince Mark to dance one more time but he declines while Art and J.J. are team number three and Vanessa and Ralph are team four. In a twist, Mark decides to go out and finish the dance to show their kids that they are not quitters. I believe Mark also wanted to prove something to himself, as well.

Everyone celebrates Mark’s dance win yet they have no idea that they are dunzo. When they get to the end, they are told that they have come in last BUT this is a non-elimination week so they can still go on.

That makes me so happy that they stayed in the game and get to keep playing. So, what did you think of tonight’s challenges?? Were you surprised abot the twist at the end? See you next week!






  1. Mandi Nowitz

    April 23, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I like Bopper and Mark simply because they went back and finished the task. That is admirable to me. But JJ and Art do make a funny duo!

  2. Ashley

    April 22, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    I want Art and JJ to win. I know they’re a bit pompous but I do think they play the game really well.

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