Amazing Race Recap 4/15/2012 – Let Them Drink Their Haterade (Lake Manyara, Tanzania)

By on April 15, 2012

Lace up your shoes and get ready to sprint through this weeks recap of sprint or grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.


No judgements. The teams venture off from their newest checkpoint on a safari expedition through Tanzania, Africa to find the most dangerous animal: Hilary Clinton.

Greeted by exotic wildlife and landscape on their ride, each team took a brief moment to take in their surroundings before racing onward. Even the epitome of a Katy Perry “California Girl” Rachael admitted this was better than a zoo. Rachael and Dave, Team Ambition, set off first in this leg after coming in first last week. Bopper and Mark, Team Kentucky, hobble off in second. Bopper busted his knee in the last leg, and it’s bound to slow them down. Art and JJ depart third, and reveal a secret pact to get Rachel and Brendon, leaving fourth, out in this double U turned this round.

Team Ambition & Team Kentucky are the first teams to arrive at the checkpoint. Hesitant they could maintain their lead on Team Big Brother (Brendon and Rachael), they gang up and form a truce not to U turn one another. There are two challenges at the Pit Stop. Water Supply: Locals can wait for hours to get water for their well and for drinking. The teams must collect and transport nine barrels of water and return it to a home to continue on. You need to look like a 300 extra to even try to attempt this. Air Supply: On the other hand, the racers must fix a bikes tire without removing it from the frame with the tools provided. Art and JJ identify that groups 1 and 2 are working together, so they decide to do the other challenge. 300 extras with chiseled abs they are not but they do have the testosterone needed to be a Roman gladiator. However, when Team Testosterone arrived at the local well, they are forced to wait along with the locals for ages. Water fountains aren’t on every corner. They must wait behind 80 people to get to the local well. Rachael and Brendon and Vanessa and Ralph are hopelessly lost. Now is not the time to slow down or let marital problems drag you behind.

Team Kentucky speed through the challenge and repair that bike before anyone can even figure out the instructions and they depart for the next clue. Apparently living off the grid really instilled some survival instincts. I would love to see their whole entry tape. What do they do for fun? They are the embodiment of handymen. Rachael and Dave depart the bike shack just as Rachael and Brendon arrive. Big Brother is on edge. They do so well under pressure, and so do their ratings. Luckily for Brenchel, Team Ambition chose not to U-turn anyone despite their pact. Will Brenchel survive this leg of the race? I will not lose my favorite team!

Vanessa and Ralph lost their head start on “the teachers” who arrived at the checkpoint long before the dating divorcees ever found it. Art and JJ sweat off their lovehandles trying to carry huge barrels full of water. Magically, the boarder enforcement twins outpace Team Big Brother before they get to the U turn. When Art and JJ do arrive at the U turn, the pair of macho men decided to U-turn the former winners of Big Brother. Brenchel were more than happy to U turn Vanessa and Ralph, their arch nemesis.

Team Kentucky & Team Ambition were neck and neck trying to locate the next clue. Their taxi drivers were weaving in around cars like bats out of hell. Truly amazing how the contestants never get speeding tickets or hung up by the law. Team Big Brother and Team Divorcee are forced to do both sides of the roadblock, so Team Teacher took the advantage to gain the much-needed time back. I don’t know how they escaped the U turn. They completely lied about who they were, and they got burned by Art and JJ last week, but there has been no blowback… yet. Maybe that’s because the federal agents are so far behind the pack, no one even thinks about them as a threat.

The final roadblock buzzed around honeybees. Each team must dress in the traditional beekeepers suit, so they won’t be stung and collect sweet, precious amber substance. As Bopper began to walk to the beehive, the apiarist cautioned, “Beware, those are African Killer Bees.” It was really hard to tell if they were kidding or not. Rachel and Dave and Art and JJ were the next teams to arrive at the challenge.

Teams must take off on foot to Lake Manyara to check in at the next pit stop to continue racing around the world. Although Team Kentucky left first, they were nervous because Mark had knee surgery last year, and we have seen so many teams lose their lead in the final steps to the check in. Anything can happen on the way. Team Ambition were hot on their heels but Team Kentucky were the first team to arrive. The men received a trip for two to Hawaii, with massages and a helicopter ride. I wonder how their wives are going to feel about that Bromantic vacation? Team Kentucky finished strong this leg. Team Ambition were team 2 to check in but Dave was a poor loser. He was seriously disappointed in his wife’s inability to pick up the pace in the final sprint. Art and JJ took third place, and confessed they should have U turned Rachel and Dave rather than Team Big Brother. I can’t wait to see their drama continue next week.

Team Big Brother bled and cried to battle through the double roadblock, but they were racing against the clock to beat Team Divorcees and Team Teacher. Team Divorcee lost their lead because of a flat tire. It has got to hurt to travel through countless cities to maybe lose your chance at the million because of a flat. The fake teachers had to complete a roadblock just as they caught up with Vanessa and Ralph, so their moment of joy was short-lived.

Despite the U-turn Team Big Brother were the fourth team to hit the mat. They were showing so much of them this episode that I was nervous they might finally lose their footing in the race, but luckily I get at least another hour of their special blend of green sequined craziness. Vanessa and Ralph are the fifth and final group to continue racing. When Nary and Jamie arrived dead last, again for the second week, Phil was forced to eliminate them. Team Teacher were the last team that had a true weakness. Next week everyone’s on even footing. Every second, mistake and victory counts. Which team will cross the finish line first?

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