Biggest Loser Recap and Results 4/3/12 ‘Makeover Week’

By on April 3, 2012

Last week, Megan was sent home after falling below the yellow line and then voted off the ranch.

*Trainer Dolvett breaks his leg in a trampoline accident.*

The eagerly-anticipated makeover episode is here, and this season, it’s bigger than ever!

First, the six remaining players compete in a challenge by shattering glass pane images of their former selves from week one on the ranch, by using a slingshot.  The winner gets a one pound advantage and the loser gets a one pound disadvantage.  Buddy wins the challenge!!  Conda came in last and gets the extra pound!!

The makeover fun begins. Fashion expert Jeannie Mai helps each contestant find stylish new clothes to flatter their slimmer selves, but first she shares a very big surprise — a special video message from First Lady Michelle Obama inviting the players to come to the White House! Thrilled at the chance to go to the White House to meet with the First Lady, a longtime advocate for health and fitness, especially for our nation’s children, the contestants have fun choosing their makeover outfits with Mai.

Then they’re off to the salon of celebrity stylist Ken Paves, who crafts stylish new looks for the players before they head to Washington, D.C. There, at the White House, family members are waiting to surprise them and see their amazing transformations in heartwarming, emotional reunions before they met the First Lady.  The contestants looked amazing!!

The Biggest Loser was only one hour tonight, so there was no weigh-in.  Next week ‘Makeover Week’ will continue at the White House, see you then!!

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