The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap 4/15/12- ‘Puppet Up’

By on April 15, 2012

Finally, “The Celebrity Apprentice” has fired Lou after all of his whining and moaning. If you missed any of last week’s episode, we have your complete recap right here.

This week, Forte and Unanimous have a puppet of a challenge and I am desperately hoping that creative duo Lisa and Penn can pull through for a win. Will Aubrey and Arsenio be able to continue working together or will the battles outshine the true meaning of charity?

Teresa gets to give $60,000 to her charity, Nefcare and she is so happy but now it is time to get down to business. The teams are uneven so Forte needs to pick someone; Clay is the one who switches teams and joins Dayana, Lisa and Penn.

They all meet at FAO Schwarz with Brian Henson so that they can create adult puppets. Lisa is the PM for Forte while Paul is the PM for Unanimous and he has no idea what he is doing but that is okay. This is  a $20,000 charity task.

This is all about improv which Lisa is really good at as well as Clay; of course Dayana has to jump in with all of her talent. Yeah, she’s just a pretty face.

At Unanimous, they are thinking about making puppets based on their team, actually Teresa is and it is shown that Arsenio is the only one with improv experience. Aubrey’s downfall is that she just needs to step back and be a team player.

Brian Henson comes in to visit Unanimous, which is their chance to learn all about what they can and can’t do for their performance. Improv is the key zone that they want to be in.

ALERT: SNAPPLE has spring water???

Puppeteer can only be so tall so Penn can just host which sucks because he has too much talent. Lisa is told by Clay to do a Spanish accent and Dayana is offended but that is what comedy is about. Why so serious?

Unanimous is working with mohawks and puppets a la Arsenio. Meanwhile, Lisa allows Dayana to feel productive by cutting and pasting wardrobes. Their bickering is hilarious.

Everyone is shocked that Teresa cannot come up with her puppet’s name while Paul really has no direction to give anyone. Time for improv and puppeteer training for the teams. Aubrey is getting frustrated because Paul still has no frickin’ clue what he’s doing.

Teresa is going to be one hot mess as a puppeteer like she literally has no idea what she is doing. Penn is working his tail off but Dayana is the one to beat in the puppet making department. He is starting to question what Lisa’s problems with Dayana in the board room really are.

Eric is assigned to Forte while Ivanka is assigned to Unanimous. He notices that Dayana is awkwardly focusing on her assignments and it worries him that there may be too much tension between her and Lisa.

Paul still is sitting on the side and has no idea what he is doing and it is starting to bug his team, especially since he is the PM. Aubrey thinks that Teresa sucks while she wants to play hero and that has always worked so well in this game.

Too much bickering between Dayana and Lisa and Clay has no idea what the hell is going on and it seems to be a common occurrence on this show. Lisa starts crying because she feels like she has to baby-sit Dayana all the time; she’s the PM this week, deal.

Dayana is outside crying so Penn must go console her even though he still has to deal with Lisa feeling like he did not back her. Forte’s puppets look too much like Miss Piggy and Grover, just saying. Clay is actually really awesome at puppeteering and Penn is a great host.

Penn is so busy being entertained sometimes he misses the beat when it comes to hosting. They are quite raunchy but I was a fan. Time for Unanimous to give their best try.

Arsenio kind of sucks though he is known for having a quick wit; I disagree. Teresa sucks because she says “no” when the only answer is “yes” even if it makes absolutely no sense. They are really bad but Aubrey seems interested and humored. Teresa, you are bad! Stay as a housewife.

Time to chat with the executives. In terms of Unanimous, Aubrey had great timing while Teresa broke a lot of rules. Forte has great improvisational skills yet they went a little too far.

In the boardroom, Lisa breaks down and says that if Forte loses, she will fire herself while Paul says he will bring back Teresa because she is always in slow motion. Fortunately, Lisa is not going anywhere because Forte has won and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis has won $20,000.

I think Paul should be fired, that’s just my opinion or Teresa. That would make a happy Mandi. Paul feels that Teresa’s puppet was a little overdone so she thinks that they should all be fired. Arsenio will dodge this week’s bullet per Paul leaving Teresa, Paul and Aubrey to face Trump.

Trump is now skeptical if Paul is trying to cover Arsenio for whatever reason; his work was not liked so he should have been brought back. Paul was PM and maybe he slacked on his responsibilities; thus Paul is FIRED.

Did Trump make the right choice?



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