The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap 4/8/12 Season 5 ‘Ad Hawk’

By on April 8, 2012

After last week’s three-hour, double elimination episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the big question now is: will Aubrey come back? If you missed all the drama and excitement, we have your recap right here.

Debbie Gibson was the first to go followed by Dee Snider and Aubrey left her newly mixed team in anger keeping the contestants and viewers wondering if she has had enough. In the war room, Arsenio is still going off on “the missing link’s” behavior. Tonight we will find out which team will win their task and who will be fired.

Of course, Donald Trump would be the one to have a brand-new episode on a holiday weekend. I guess everyone needs something to feast on late Sunday night. I’m almost scared to watch this episode because I am nervous that I will end up hating Arsenio and I don’t want to do that.  I’d rather dislike Clay; it’s easier because I hear he is an ass in person.

When Lisa and Penn return, she gets concerned that Aubrey is missing and knows that team is a group of idiots. Arsenio keeps going on his rant, calling Aubrey a “bitch ” and a “whore” completely infuriating Lisa. Lisa is adamant that Arsenio not ruin his image by demeaning women of America while everyone is in shock that Dee had been fired. She claims that between Dayana and Lou, they have  five brain cells. I think they have a tad more than that, just saying.

Finally, some happiness when Arsenio can present his winning check to Magic Johnson via Skype so that everyone can get tested for AIDS; he has recently lost a cousin to the illness so he is super passionate about it all. Arsenio tells Johnson that he may bring more home so he has to put all his anger aside and focus on his charity.

Look, Aubrey is back, mainly to support her charity, Glisten which helps fight against bullying, something she just dealt with in the board room. The task this week will be with and they want the celebs to create a 60 second commercial featuring promos and mobile applications.

Creativity, product integration and overall brand messaging are what they will be judged on. Dayana is the PM for Forte while Teresa is representing Unanimous. The winner’s charity will get a total of $60,000 which is absolutely incredible and much-needed.

Aubrey confronts Arsenio about his behavior and tells him that she was always a huge fan and respected him and the fact that he sunk so low and called her derogatory names was inappropriate. He asks for a chance to explain and she agrees. He knows that he did wrong and is stoked that Aubrey came back, despite her not wanting to.

Sadly, Forte will only have the creativity of Lisa because Penn has another show to leave for. He should be fired simply because he is not contributing as much as everyone else. Dayana comes up with an idea that they all agree on and they can now head out on the road.

At Unanimous, Aubrey still won’t forgive Arsenio but she wants to move forward with the game. Arsenio comes up with the great idea to not hire actors but just utilize the talent that they have. Forte does a relationship concept which Lou does not have any input in; he literally sits in he van with his team silent.

Lou thinks that his team should use them as actors, especially him because that’s what he does. I thought what he does is be “The Hulk” and strut his body? This has become the show of identity crisis.

Unanimous is trying to work together at the loft and Paul feels like aside from appearing in the video, he has no relation to this task. He and Aubrey will be playing a confused and frustrated father/daughter duo. Though Teresa wants to be funny, she also thinks that she may be bordering on dirty.

Lisa thinks that Dayana is less annoying when she is in charge and feels that she should be PM every day to make her nice and easy to work with. Penn appreciated that Lisa and Dayana were actually listening to each other and working together. It is clear that no one listens to Lou but the actors they got are awesome.

The big people start to arrive to get Unanimous ready and Paul is taking one for a team as he totally changes his look. They temporary color his hair and mustache  and put him in a conservative outfit, which is just so great. Good look for him.

I get this feeling that Teresa has no idea what the hell to do in this game; in fact I already like Forte’s commercial better. Forte is just overall way better and if Lou was a guest star in the commercial, it  would just ruin the whole idea. Lou hates that Penn has left but I was amazed by all the work that he did while he was there.

Don Jr. comes to see Forte and their ideas as well as to make sure the team got the most out of Penn while he was still in town. Over at Unanimous, Ivanka steps in while Aubrey is acting. Concept is that father/mother are clipping coupons when they hear, what sounds like their daughter, Aubrey having sex but really she is getting stoked over the app.

Aubrey tries to take control once again in executing the commercial idea to Ivanka but that was not the best idea after all the drama from the week before. Over at Forte, Lisa is actually somewhat impressed by Dayana’s planning skills and believes she might have more brain cells tha Lou.

Forte is starting to get stumped and quite confused with Lou being somewhat of a dim bulb while I find it amusing because he’s sort of a bumbling idiot. Bumbling idiots tickle me except for Aubrey who is like a bumble bee you just want to swat away. I really cannot stand Teresa’s voice at this point; after all these weeks, I feel like I know them therefore I can strongly dislike them.

Paul is useless for Unanimous and is just sitting around texting but I give him credit for playing nerdy dress-up. At Forte, even Dayana is in shock at how well she and Lisa are getting along and how hard they are working on editing the commercial. Lou tries to intervene with random ideas and Lisa just thinks that all his ideas are stupid. That’s insult because he does bring up the importance of branding and they are ignoring it.

Arsenio and Clay have become very close yet they are lacking on the editing part which is their big responsibility. There is not enough time for Unanimous to finish their commercial the way that they want but it does not matter; Forte so is going to win. Both teams are confident when they present their commercials but Forte’s looks professional.

Lou is already predicting a fiery board room but he just has pent-up anger inside of him from all of these weeks. When talking to Trump, the executives felt that Teresa and Paul stood out but it was a bit risqué. Dayana’s team showed all ways that the company can be used but was not as colorful as the other team.

From what I have heard from Lisa, this is going to be one hell of a board room so I am ready for the fire to fly. They all have sharp tongues on them, some just use them more than others. In the board room, Dayana and Lisa call Lou the weakest link yet he did contribute ideas, maybe not good ones, but still idea. Trump is shocked that Lisa gave Dayana credit while Lou tells Lisa that she is lucky she is not a man or she’d be thrown through a wall.

Lou is upset that Lisa called him a loser and she said that this is something that should be discussed outside of the boardroom. As raunchy as she is, she does not like to curse in front of Trump and commends Dayana for stepping up. I love Lisa’s ballsiness; she is fearless and honest and my top choice for winner.

Trump asks Aubrey about the situation with Arsenio and it is clear she still has not gotten over the words that were said. Clay goes on to praise Teresa for doing a great job as a director while Paul says that he liked the complete flip-around story. Ivanka feels that seeing Paul transformed made her week.

Teresa tells Trump that she would bring all five of her team members to the board room if they lose because she loves her team so much. Ivanka questions if she had control issues with Aubrey, which she did yet Ivanka calls her “polarizing” even though she does respect her. Paul really likes Clay but I think Paul was a great player this week. liked both the videos but one more than the other. Trump plays them as he finally gets to see the team’s finished results. Lisa says that Unanimous’ video was great but compared to Forte’s, it was like apples to oranges.

Trump questions why Dayana did not use the star power on her team for the commercial and I agree with what she said; they just did not fit in to the commercial. Everyone thinks that Dayana and Penn could have played the couple in the commercial, not the actors. Lou goes against his team and says that he likes Unanimous’ commercial better because of the star power.

Why is Lou here? It is clear that he wants to kick the crap out of Lisa yet a joke about older men and younger women did not go over everyone’s heads since Trump likes them young. The executives liked the variations that Forte showed but thought the story was typical and the direction was poor and did not show how the app worked.

As for Unanimous, the executives thought that it was creative and fun yet, as aforementioned, a bit risqué and questioned if referring to Paul as “old-school” was appropriate. Does not matter; Unanimous went on to win. The only thing that can redeem the time that I have lost watching this show is if Lou gets fired.

Watching from the suite, Unanimous does not want to mess with Lisa yet they don’t want her on their team because she has not won though she is the creativity behind it all. And I did hear Lou say that he thought that he should be in the commercial so for everyone to say that they didn’t hear it is selective hearing.

Who will Dayana bring back? She does not want to bring back Penn or Lisa and Trump questions if Penn should get a pass; he does leaving Lisa and Lou to return with Dayana. FIRE LOU!!

For Don Jr., it’s between Lou and Dayana; Ivanka agrees yet they acknowledge that Lisa came up with the ideas. Dayana has won once but this is her fifth time in the board room. She does not like the fact that Lou flipped the switch and gave support to Unanimous. So what does Lou add? Nothing.

Lisa does not think that Lou is vindictive or cruel she just thinks he is the brawn, not the brains. He claims it’s his hearing issues but he flip-flops with that to suit him. Lisa would fire Lou because he contributes nothing and turned on his team and gives credit that Dayana always tries to help.

Dayana does not think that she should be fired despite being PM because the executives liked the commercials equally so she was not at fault. Trump does not think that Lou is loyal to his team at all and with that, LOU IS FIRED!!!!!!!! He tells Trump to take it back because he does not like the outcome but it’s too late!

So, who will bee FIRED next? We shall wait and see.







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