General Hospital Recap for week of April 2 – April 6

By on April 6, 2012

This week in General Hospital, Sam makes a horrifying discovery, Steve’s crazy mama comes home, John teams up with Anna and Kate continues to unravel.

In New York City, Sam begs Heather to tell her what she knows about Jason’s birth. Heather reluctantly agrees—as long as Sam delivers a letter to her son, Steve (or as she calls him, Steven Lars). After playing coy, Heather finally drops a bomb on Sam: Yes, she was in the delivery room with Susan when Jason was born. Yes, Jason’s birth was uneventful—until Susan began to writhe in pain. Susan passed out and before the nurse could call the doctors back into the room, a second baby was born, Jason’s fraternal twin! Sam begins to hyperventilate as Heather reveals that the nurse who delivered Jason’s twin was named Elizabeth “Betsy” Frank. Betsy couldn’t have a child of her own, so Heather sold the second baby to her. That boy grew up to be Franco! Stunned Sam stumbles out of the room, forgetting Heather’s letter, as she clutches her belly. Jason and Franco are brothers, which means her baby could still be Franco’s!

Back in Port Charles Steve and Olivia enjoy some blissful moments in bed, but Steve ruins the mood by mentioning his mother. (How Freudian!) Steve tells Olivia why his relationship with his mother is strained. Apparently she had an affair with a married man and sold Steve as a baby. When Heather decided to get Steve back, she laced Steve’s adoptive mother’s tea with LSD, but ended up drinking it herself. Heather hasn’t been the same since and has been in and out of mental institutions for years.

At the courthouse Alexis, Matt and Spinelli prep Maxie for her trial. Patrick arrives to talk to Maxie. He doesn’t blame her for Robin’s death and urges Maxie to forgive herself, but Maxie can’t. When the judge enters, Maxie pleads guilty, despite Alexis’ advice. Agitated Spinelli heads to Jason’s penthouse where he gets the bright idea to find Lisa’s real killer and free Maxie.

John pays Luke a visit, but finds Anna instead. Anna is thrilled to see her old protégée, but becomes wary when John asks for her help in bringing Sonny down. John admits that Sonny killed his sister and is determined to pin Cole and Hope’s deaths on Sonny, but Anna warns him that Sonny could be innocent. Does John really want frame Sonny for a crime he didn’t commit just to put him away? John says Sonny has escaped punishment too many times, so Anna agrees to help, more out of concern for John’s mental well-being than anything else.

At Michael’s place, Starr makes breakfast for herself and Michael. She thanks Michael for his hospitality, but breaks down when she thinks about Hope. Michael moves to comfort Starr, but they are interrupted by Jason. As Starr hides, Jason tells Michael that Johnny is launching a full-scale war against Sonny. Johnny probably planted that gun in Kate’s office to implicate Sonny in Cole and Hope’s deaths. Michael isn’t so sure of Sonny’s innocence.

Sonny has lunch with Olivia, who has a favor to ask him: get Johnny to stop blackmailing Steve. Meanwhile Johnny approaches Steve at the hospital; he reminds Steve that if he doesn’t do what Johnny wants, Johnny will tell everyone that Steve intentionally killed a patient in Memphis. Steve reluctantly hands Johnny a list which makes Johnny smile like a Cheshire Cat.

At the Metro Court Carly hands Luke a bill; his stuff is comped, but Anna is not. Luke thinks that Carly has fallen for Johnny and sure enough, Johnny comes along and asks Carly out to lunch. Olivia sees them and instantly gets hot and bothered, but Sonny is only mildly annoyed. After Olivia leaves, Sonny threatens to tell Michael about Carly’s new relationship with Johnny, which sends Carly into a panic.

Kate runs into Ewan’s office after a run-in with Johnny. Desperate to protect Sonny, Kate forgoes proper therapy and begs Ewan to hypnotize her in order to learn Connie’s plans for Sonny. Ewan obliges and Connie comes out to play. However, Connie becomes agitated when Ewan mentions Cole and Hope. Connie runs out and bumps into Steve. She flirts with him, which confuses Steve. Later Steve tells Olivia about Kate’s strange behavior. Olivia notes that seems more like teenage Kate (when she went by the name Connie) than modern day Kate. They get interrupted by a call from Heather, who begs Steve to visit her. Despite his misgivings, Steve heads to New York where Heather tells him she qualifies for release as long as a family member vouches for her. Steve decides to give his mom a second chance after reading a sappy letter of apology from her. Watch out, Port Charles! Heather Webber is back!

Kate returns to her office where she reads up on dissociative identity disorder in a handy memoir featuring the first ladies of DID: Victoria Lord Buchanan and her daughter Jessica of Llanview, PA (and “One Life to Live”). Jason arrives to ask her questions about the gun in her office, but Kate becomes so flustered that Connie comes out. Connie gets in Jason’s face, which confuses the heck out of Jason. After he leaves, Connie grumbles to herself, which Sonny overhears. When Sonny asks what is wrong, Connie-as-Kate complains about Jason’s so-called aggressive behavior. Upset Sonny confronts Jason: what the hell happened between him and Kate?

Sam returns home, traumatized from having learned that Franco is Jason’s twin brother. She doesn’t know how she is going to tell Jason that her baby could still be Franco’s. Upset Sam heads to the Lake House where Alexis is prepping Sonny for his trial. Is there any way the gun found in Kate’s office belongs to her? Sonny refuses to entertain that notion, and leaves when Sam arrives. Before Sam can explain to her mom why she is crying, Alexis gets called back to court. Alone Sam sobs into the couch cushions.

John shows Anna the restraining order that Sonny put out against him. To John this proves that Sonny has something to hide. He also tells Anna about bumping into a very skittish Kate and asks Anna to question Olivia about Kate. Anna complies and gets an earful, including that the Kate of old would have owned a gun, but not the Kate of today.

At the police station Delores has a frustrating phone call with her husband, Eddie, who did not come home last night. Dante becomes concerned when Shawn enters with Rayan, who was attacked by the stripper stalker. Dante convinces Delores to accompany Rayan and Shawn to the hospital. Later Lulu gets an idea; she proposes she go undercover as a stripper to lure the perp out, but Dante shuts her down. Undaunted Lulu goes ahead and applies for a job at Vaughn’s.

John heads to the Lake House to talk to Alexis, but finds Sam instead. Concerned he gets Sam to talk to him. For some reason Sam trusts John and pours her heart out. She tells John everything Franco has done to them, including her rape in Hawaii. John comforts Sam, who seems a little relieved to unburden her secret.

Elizabeth and Ewan decide to go out to lunch to make up for their missed date. They flirt while getting to know each other. Ewan becomes a little agitated when Elizabeth mentions Jax’s name. When Elizabeth learns that Ewan can play the harmonica, she asks him to play the blues, much to the amusement of the other patrons. While Elizabeth goes to make a phone call, Connie approaches Ewan. Boy does she have some news for him!

Jason returns home where he tells Spinelli about Kate’s strange behavior. Spinelli correctly guesses that Kate knows more than she is saying. Later Spinelli heads to the hospital to ask Matt to help him save Maxie.

Patrick returns to work, much to Matt’s concern. Patrick insists he and Emma need to resume their routine. When Patrick hears that Maxie pled guilty, he advises Matt to do whatever he can to save Maxie, especially if he still loves her. When a patient inquires after Robin, Patrick decides to grab Emma and return home.

The week ends with Sam deciding to get another DNA test. Until then, she won’t say anything to Jason. After all, if she is indeed carrying Baby Stone Cold and not Baby Psychopath, why should she upset her husband? John warns Sam against such a harebrained idea by telling her about his girlfriend Natalie’s decision to omit the possibility that her baby might not be his.  Alexis returns home, bothered to see John with Sam. Sam quickly takes off, leaving Alexis to remind John that Sonny has a restraining order against him. John whips out the FBI document that gives him full access to anything Sonny, which frustrates Alexis enough to kick the coffee table.

Jason assures Sonny that he is ever loyal to him, but that something is definitely “off” with Kate. Sonny appreciates Jason’s friendship, but reminds his right-hand man that he is devoted to Kate.

Meanwhile Connie has big plans for Sonny. Before she can implement her plan—or tell Ewan about it—Kate re-emerges. Concerned Ewan takes Kate to the hospital where Kate reveals that Connie is getting stronger and taking over for longer periods of time.

At the hospital Spinelli asks Matt to team up with him to save Maxie, who is at the police station awaiting transportation to prison, dressed in her lockdown blues. Matt is initially reluctant, but when Elizabeth reveals that Ewan was the man who saved her from drowning the night of Lisa’s death, Spinelli and Matt realize they may have a eye-witness—or a potential suspect!

Sam returns home, happy to see Jason. The smile fades from her face, however, when Jason asks her about her trip to New York. Will Sam tell Jason that Franco is his twin brother?

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