Kim Kardashian Running for Mayor

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Kim Kardashian running for Mayor?

So she says.

In a clip from Khloe & Lamar the reality star  reveals she is looking for a house in Glendale because she wants to run for mayor in approximately five years.

Kardashian stated,

“I’m literally going to have a huge [campaign],” adds Kardashian, noting, “cuz it’s like Armenian town.”

Khloe was barely listening to Kim discuss her run for Mayor – I guess she’s taking it as seriously as everyone else??

Can you picture Kim as the Mayor?

One Response to Kim Kardashian Running for Mayor

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m am so over her. The lengths she goes to for attention (look at me, look at me) and ratings is just beyond vulgar. Is there a real person in that wide hipped, big bum woman? I don’t even think she thinks beyond money, ratings, attention. What happens when her 15 minutes are up, and real life hits her? People can only take so many tweets, appearances, marriages before they yawn and turn the channel.

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