New Girl Season 1 “Tomatoes” Recap 4/24/2012

By on April 24, 2012

Jess finds herself in another less than comfortable position– this time, caught between Russell and his ex-wife– and Nick decides to take up the challenging sport of tomato growing, this week on “New Girl.”

As Nick embarks on his exciting new journey as a cultivator of vegetables, Schmidt and Cece are at a tense point in their relationship. Since they haven’t spoken since their pregnancy scare, Schmidt goes over to Cece’s apartment in an attempt to smooth things over, but is shocked by her suggestion that they break things off instead. When Cece’s beautiful yet spacey uber-Russian roommate overhears, she suggests that she and Schmidt go out. Obviously wanting to make Cece jealous, Schmidt (reluctantly) obliges.

Meanwhile, Jess is working out at Russell’s gym and she runs into his ex-wife, Uli. For some strange reason, Jess decides that they should all have dinner together, and invites Uli out for Mexican food with she and Russell. Later at the restaurant, Uli is super nice to Jess, but not so nice to Russell. They start arguing about a vacation that they took years ago, and Jess can’t help but notice the heat and passion between the two exes. Worried that there is still something going on between them, Jess confronts Uli at the gym the next day. And while Uli assures her that she has nothing to worry about, Jess still feels that Uli’s relationship with Russell has a spark that hers lacks.

As Schmidt prepares for his date with Nadia the Russian, Cece is clearly bothered, but pretends that she’s fine with it. When Nadia does come over, she and Schmidt have little to talk about; she tells him her favorite parts about America (like “sidewalk” and “ice skating for fun, not to save life”) before quickly suggesting that the two of them “do sex party.”

On the roof, Nick has taken his crazy to a whole new level, attempting to fix his women problems by focusing all of his energy on tomatoes. He is building a scarecrow when Winston comes up and tells him that he needs to get over it. Nick, obviously jealous of Winston’s happiness with his girlfriend, Shelby, aims his pitchfork at him and tells him to “git.” He later apologizes, and Winston gives him some sound advice: instead of trying to distract from his problems with tomatoes, Nick should be trying to work through them.

At Russell’s place, he and Jess are hanging out and Jess tries to heat things up between them by getting on his nerves. She tries to generate some passion by pushing him around and throwing coasters at him, but he only offers her some tea. When Jess explains that she feels threatened by the relationship he has with Uli, Russell tells her that he is not looking for that type of intensity. For the first time, the obstacle facing the new couple seems too big to overcome; Jess wants passion, Russell wants stability. They decide to break up.

When Cece gets home to her apartment after working out, Nadia tells her that she left the “small man” at the hospital. Cece runs over, finding poor Schmidt with an embarrassing problem: Nadia broke his penis. Cece can’t contain her jealousy, and finally admits that she likes Schmidt. She has to leave, though, because in his delicate condition, Schmidt can’t be around her for too long.

At the loft, Jess hears music coming from Nick’s room and assumes that he’s alone. Just when she’s about to knock on his door, however, out walks Caroline, Nick’s ex. Jess pulls him aside and the two start fighting; she says he’s pathetic, he calls her judgmental, and they (for some reason) start wiggling their butts at each other. It looks a lot like passion to me!

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