Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Moving In Together

By on April 19, 2012

It looks like things are heating up between Ryan Reynolds and girlfriend of six months, Blake Lively.

The pair, who have been nearly¬†inseparable¬†since they began dating this past winter, are rumored to be buying a house in Connecticut. While Blake needs to remain close to New York City to continue filming her hit show Gossip Girl, the two are looking for a life that’s a little less hectic, and it looks like Connecticut is just the place to do it!

Apparently the couple were spotted checking out home decor while passing through the town of New Canaan, Connecticut and it seems that it got them thinking about living together permanently.

Currently, Ryan spends a lot of time visiting Blake in New York City while she films, and the two are basically living together anyway. A source confirms that when Ryan stays with Blake at her apartment it “feels like home.”


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