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By on April 4, 2012

Reality star/actress/NY Times Best-Selling Author and Momm, Tori Spelling, made her rounds in New York yesterday.  Have U Heard joined “The Moms” and Tori to discuss not only her new party planning book, “CelebraTORI”,  but to also talk about motherhood, in addition to her unexpected pregnancy.

She gave birth to daughter, Hattie less than a year ago but here Spelling is, preggers again and on the road. This was the first “vacation” that she has been on without husband, Dean McDermott and children Liam, Stella and Hattie.   If you want to call running around NYC to promote her book, CelebraTORI a vacation.

Spelling mentioned that  “Life begins at 30,” with good reason.  It wasn’t until her early thirties that she met soul mate, McDermott and began creating her own family. Her fourth (unplanned) pregnancy has not derailed the insane micro-manager from promoting her latest book, based on throwing parties.

Every time she wrote a memoir, she would ask her publishers if she could do a party planning book and they finally said yes. She attributes it to the work she and McDermott did on “Tori and Dean’s STORIbook Weddings,” showing that she was an incredible event planner. So, what has been her favorite party that she has planned thus far? Her 30th 1980’s prom party, which she calls a concept over a theme.

What are her kid’s favorite party? It has to be Liam’s superhero birthday party. She said she is the type of mom who is always with her kids on the weekends, doing crafts and such, which keeps her grounded. This was actually her first promo tour away from her kids which was not easy. With three children and one due in September, she chuckles that “sleep is not a happy place.”

She’s so busy, how did she have a chance to get pregnant a month after giving birth to Hattie? “I don’t even know how Dean found the time to do it,” she says, adding that he did not want to wait the typical six weeks to be intimate, which is clear. What are eldest children, Liam and Stella hoping for in terms of gender? Apparently, Stella loves her big brother so much that she is hoping for a boy since she recently got her girl.

Though it seems like she plans these fab parties months, even years in advance, Spelling says it literally comes down to the wire. She’s a kid at heart and wants to give her kids all the experiences that she maybe couldn’t have as a child. After noshing down on some snacks, Spelling went on to sign books and gift her guests with a piece from her HSN jewelry collection.

Tori Spelling is so down to Earth and sweet and we wish her much success with all her future endeavors. Pick up a copy of CelebraTORI at your local retailer now.














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