Amazing Race Recap 5/6/12 – “It’s a Great Place to Become Millionaires”

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By Matthew Nicholson

After 6 eliminated teams, 10 episodes in the 11th leg, the teams fly to Hiroshima, Japan. Every second counts. Rachel and Dave have taken first place in six legs of the race, but will the make a misstep in the final hour? My money is on Brenden and Rachael. They thrive in the face of elimination. The Big Brother veterans have a tried and true formula for success in reality television competitions. Vanessa’s hatred of Rachael and propel her and Ralph to the top slot, but her ankle is still troubling her in the last leg of the race. Art and JJ have remained consistent competition in this race. Have they been conserving their energy to charge ahead in the final stretch? We’ll see. 

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