Biggest Loser Finale Recap and Results 5/1/12

By on May 1, 2012

In this must-see, exciting live Biggest Loser finale, the contestants from this season return for a special reunion and a chance to weigh in one last time – and show America how much weight they’ve all lost since beginning their weight-loss journeys.

Those who have been eliminated will compete for the $100,000 “at home” prize. Then it’s the moment viewers have been waiting for, when one of the three finalists will be named this season’s “Biggest Loser” and win the coveted grand prize of $250,000!

Last week the eliminated contestants returned to the ranch to determine the 3 finialists for Season 13 – you can catch all of the details right here.

*Biggest Loser Jeremy Britt Pre-Finale Interview Video*

*Biggest Loser Conda Britt Pre-Finale Interview Video*

*Biggest Loser Kim Nielsen Pre-Finale Interview Video*

Season 13 began 7 months ago as the season of ‘No Excuses’!!  Tonight we will celebrate how far the contestants have come.

The eliminated houseguests came on the stage to get weighed in to determine who is the ‘At Home Prize’ Winner of $100,000.  They will hit the scale in the order in which they were eliminated.

‘At Home Prize’ Weigh-In

Chism starting weight 361 lbs  current 258 lbs lost 103 lbs   28.53%

Nancy starting weight 217 lbs current 161 lbs lost 56 lbs 25.81% 

Cassandra starting weight 239 lbs current 147 lbs lost 92 lbs 38.49%

Ben starting weight 396 lbs. current 257 lbs lost 139 lbs 35.10%

Daphne starting weight 271 lbs. current 183 lbs  lost 88 lbs. 32.47%

Adrian starting weight 370 lbs current 262 lbs lost 108 lbs. 29.19%

Emily starting weight 264 lbs current 162 lbs lost 102 lbs  38.64%

Megan starting weight 259 lbs current 183lbs  lost 76 lbs 29.34%

Kimmy starting weight 219 lbs current  148 lbs lost 71 lbs 32.42%

*Meet all of the Season 13 Biggest Loser Contestants*

Gail starting weight 322 lbs current 234lbs lost  87 lbs 27.02%

Lauren starting weight 246 lbs current 157 lbs lost 89 lbs 36.18%

Roy starting weight 302 lbs current 218 lbs lost 88 lbs 28.76%

Chris starting weight 240 lbs current 163  lbs lost 77 lbs 32.08%

Mike starting weight 358 lbs current 198 lbs lost 160 lbs 44.69%

With the amazing accomplishment of lossing 198 lbs, Mike Messina WON the ‘At Home Prize’ of $100,000.  He looked awesome, congrats!!

Next up – Season 13 Biggest Loser Winner!!

Season 9 contestants Sam and Stephanie were in the audience and just got married this weekend!!

The 3 finialists, Conda, Jeremy and Kim, entered the stage and looked outstanding.


Conda starting weight 294 lbs current weight 179 lbs lost 115 lbs 39.12%

Jeremy starting weight 389 lbs current weight 190 lbs lost 199 lbs 51.16%

Kim starting weight 252 lbs current weight 134 lbs lost 118 lbs  46.63%

Season 13 Biggest Loser JEREMY BRITT!!




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