Castle Recap 05/07/12 Season 4 Finale Episode 23 “Always”

By on May 8, 2012
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This week’s season finale of Castle brings everything full circle for its two leads and makes a good bookend for everything that has happened since last season’s finale.  Secrets come out, goodbyes are said, trusts are betrayed, and everything as we have known it for the past four years changes.

The episode begins with Beckett hanging off the side of a building, loosing her grip, and yelling Castle’s name, hoping that he will save her.  Then her hands slips.

And we jump to three days before.

Castle is discussing graduation speeches with his daughter Alexis, who is her school’s valedictorian and suffering from writers block when the call comes in.

Soon Castle is strolling next to Beckett looking at their latest crime scene.  The two discuss Alexis’s upcoming graduation and Castle’s lonely marathon of movies he plans to watch while Alexis is out with her friends all night celebrating and his mother is in the Hamptons doing whatever it is elderly actress/socialites do there (for more information on that see ABC’s Revenge.)  Castle invites Beckett to join him and she happily agrees.  Uh oh,

Check out the photos from the episode here!!

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