Castle Recap 05/07/12 Season 4 Finale Episode 23 “Always”

By on May 8, 2012
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After finding video surveillance of the victim meeting with his old “friend” gives the team a face to put to the assassin, they begin to covertly search for him.  I say covertly Beckett knows that if she tells anyone outside their core circle that she will be pulled off the case due to its personal nature (I guess getting almost dead is personal.  Wimps.)  And she won’t let anyone else mess up her case.  Esposito is behind Beckett 100% but Ryan thinks that they should be bringing in “Sir” on this.  He is outvoted, two to one.

Esposito tracks down their assassin’s car rental and then together, he and Beckett track down the assassin to a specific city-block, and then an apartment on theLower East Side.  While in the apartment Beckett realizes that the reason the files were stolen was not to clean up whateverMontgomerymight have had in them, but to track down somebody he knew.

Then the assassin (played by Tahmoh Penikett) attacks.  He knocks out Esposito and Beckett chases him to the roof where they fight and she looses.  He tells Beckett that “she has no idea who she is messing with.”  And she tells him “neither do you.”  Then she is rolled off the roof where the assassin retorts “actually, we know exactly who we are dealing with,” before he leaves her to fall to her death.

Hanging from the edge of the roof Beckett thinks of Castle and shouts his name when she hears people coming.  She slips from the roof only to have her hand caught by Ryan and some SWAT guys, just in the knick of time.

The next scene shows us Beckett and Esposito being grilled and then put on administrate leave by “Sir.”  When asked to hand in her badge and gun, Beckett does, then takes a good long look at her badge and says “keep it.  I resign.”

She packs up her desk and leaves the 12 precinct.

Esposito on the other hand leaves less

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