Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Recap 5/31/12 Season 2 ‘One Wig Left to Go’

By on May 31, 2012
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Kim Zolciak – we’ve seen her naked body covered in paint, we’ve seen her squeeze into an ace bandage body wrap in the name of weight loss, but we’ve never seen her without her wig – until tonight.

Before the big reveal of Kim Zolciak without her wig, the episode covered the events of the week leading up to the big day. While Kim is still feeling nervous about getting everything ready in time, she gets right down to business with Kroy and they prepare security for the wedding. They explain that guests must show picture ID and ask that the guards are armed and ready with security dogs.

While the extensive security seems outrageous at first, we learn that their efforts might be necessary when the homeowner’s husband shows up in the front yard threatening to search the house the day before the wedding. Since Kim and Kroy are only renters of their lavish house, the homeowner who leases it is requesting that they pay thousands of dollars for extra decorations. Kim is less concerned with the money and much more concerned with her big day being ruined, so she hands the issue over to her attorney and hopes for the best.

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  1. Beyoncca

    June 1, 2012 at 12:07 am

    I think everything Kim says or does are sheerly for SHOCK VALUE. I don’t buy that a woman that came from such meager beginnings would be so materialistic. This show is far too contrived for my interest.

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