Glee Recap 5/8/12 – ‘Prom-asaurus’ Season 3 Ep 19

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Rachel is still in mourning after last week’s royal blunder (choking during her NYADA audition). Convinced she’ll never “walk the red carpet at the Tony’s or Golden Globes,” she instead focuses on the two positives in her life – Finn and her prom dress.

Despite her acceptance to Purdue (the chicken factory; not the university) Principal Figgins admonishes Brittany for her “do nothing presidency” and warns her that the only way to rehabilitate her image is to coordinate a mind-blowing, memorable prom.

The ditzy blonde meets with a trio of prom committee members who have no choice but to support their president’s dinosaur theme, as she explains: “The Bible told me that dinosaurs and cavemen lived side-by-side for millions of years in peace and I think that is something we should totally celebrate.”

Sue with her very frustrated sidekick Becky,

Glee continues on Page 2!! 

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