Missing Recap 05/03/12 ‘Answers’

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Previously on Missing, after being interrogated by CIA Agent Jaime Ortega who later ends up dead, Becca escapes on the streets of Vienna unknowingly being pursued by Maksim, Azimoff’s son. In tonight’s episode Giancarlo’s loyalty to either side is tested when Becca reaches out to him for help.

In Vienna, Agents Miller and Heath, Newman and Giancarlo regroup. From the scene of the crime, they can confirm Ortega’s killer was in fact a woman. Miller doesn’t give it a second thought to suspect Becca is that killer. He looks to Giancarlo for answers of Becca’s whereabouts but not before accusing he and Newman of helping her—she could not have opened the secret passageway from inside the interrogation room.

Becca walks the streets of Vienna and is certain she sees Michael. When she approaches the boy she finds it’s not him. She asks him however if he knows of a location that has something to do with “a bird under the wild cherry tree,” which she heard Azimoff mention when she was bound in the trunk of his car. The boy says no and at that moment Becca see Agent Heath approaching and runs. Heath chases her to a dock and Maksim is right behind them. Becca sneak-attacks Heath, steals her gun and runs. As Maksim approaches, Heath gestures to him the way Becca has run. He sees her fleeing by bike but decides not to shoot.

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