Revenge Recap 5/2/12 Season 1 Episode 19 ‘Absolution’

By on May 3, 2012

As is custom, we begin this Revenge with some definitions. Jessica Simpson might call this show a ‘two-fer,’ because it is both entertaining and educational. Miss Emily informs us as she lays a rose on her father’s tombstone that, “Absolution is the most powerful form of forgiveness. It is the liberation of a stolen future. A future [her] father never lived to see. Absolution is a mercy the people who killed him will never know.” Dum dum dum!

We have a preview for next week’s episode here!!

Since Emily figured out the painfully obvious fact that her father’s death was not the casual by-product on your run of the mill prison right, but was in fact orchestrated the Graysons, she’s focusing her efforts on finding the man who did the deed on the inside.

Luckily, it appears our favorite pill popper Charlotte is also digging into David Clarke’s final days and unearthed a photo from Victoria’s closet of David moments before his death. Emily drops by just in time to check the picture out, notice that daddy dearest is holding a Moleskin notebook, and call Nolan to figure out why she hasn’t seen this notebook before.

Nolan fumbles to get the notebook out of his safe – presumably to hide it – just as Emily walks through the door to his office. Damn, this woman must own a teleporter – what killer timing! In an entry dated moments before his death, David rejoices that CM will soon come with proof of his innocence.

Then, we’re treated to a reenactment of David’s death: as the riot begins, a US Marshall stabs him. It is unclear whether Emily shares in the reenactment, or if it is just for our pleasure. Either way, Emily quickly discerns the identity of CM, a Miss Carole Miller who, according to Google, died the same day as David. The plot thickens.

What’s up with all the other crazy cats? Well, at the loss of her painter cum lover, Victoria is in a mood and warns Conrad that the suffering he so glibly spreads will come back to him ten fold. With such a well-developed vocabulary, you’d imagine that Victoria might apply that snippet of wisdom to her own doings. Hmm, it what I can only imagine is an attempt to better her own karma, Victoria offers up her husband to the SEC.

Another Grayson lacking in common sense is good Charlotte, who snags some pills from what appears to be a 47-year-old high school student. Really, this kid looks older than Puck from Glee. Declan sees the transaction from afar and is sad.

Daniel, as expected, shakes all charges and is free! Though, Occupy protesters and a scandal hungry press are ready to condemn him as another 1%er using his privilege to subvert the law. Emily advises tackling the press head on and sitting for an interview. Everyone agrees. Again, why does this family pay for lawyers and media advisers?

Speaking of, Ashley resigns from working for Victoria. She’s taking a media relations job with Brooks, the Law & Order DA.

Back to her old tricks, Emily sneaks into the records archive at the hospital where Carole Miller was killed. Let’s take a moment to giggle at her disguise – a white coat and some big, black plastic glasses from Urban Outfitters. I don’t even think there are lenses in the frames. She locates the file, calls the listed PCP, who happily reports that the woman Emily describes is not a dead Carole Miller, but an alive and well Carole Thomas!

Lickety-split, Emily is on Carole doorstep with a Department of Homeland Security badge demanding information on Conrad Grayson. Just as Carole begins to get suspicious – and by suspicious, I mean pulls a double barrel shotgun on Emily – Nolan clomps down the stairs. Nolan? Yes, nerdy Nolan. Carole is his aunt, dummy! Nolan helped Carole stage her death after news of David’s murder, as one does. The only important information she has is that a White Haired Man used to appear before bad things – murders, plane crashes – and that Conrad seemed deathly afraid of him.

Jumping back to the secondary and tertiary storylines for a moment, Jack Porter shows up at Daniel’s and admits his presence at Tyler’s murder, the hoodie being his, and tells Daniel his parents orchestrated Lee’s capture and confession.

Charlotte’s locker is raided and she’s suspended. She threatens Declan who, stupidly, is in the vicinity and admits to narcing on her.

Brooks rescinds his offer to Ashley because she leaked photos of Daniel to the press. Conrad gets the news the SEC raided Grayson HQ. Daniel and Emily recommit to each other.

Daniel moseys into Conrad’s office. Indeed, in wine there is truth, because as Conrad sips a goblet of red, he drops that Momma Grayson arranged Daniel’s beating in prison, and Daniel puts Lee Moran’s involvement, fake confession, and his killing together, and proceeds to tell Daniel the family secrets, starting with David Clarke. Emily listens in over her bug.

Victoria confronts Charlotte about her suspension, finds the picture of Richard in prison.

As Daniel prepares for his first television interview, he laments that he’ll only ever be as good as his DNA. Emily encourages him to tell the truth, to turn the tides. She’s replaced by Victoria, whom Daniel confronts about his prison beating. Whut-whoa.

In the interview, Daniel explains his side of Tyler’s murder and claims that Conrad is a victim of the SEC’s unfounded harassment. He vows to stick by his father – as a son and the future leader of Grayson Global. So much for absolution.

Victoria takes Charlotte to David’s grave, and they see the rose Emily laid at the beginning of the episode. Someone’s been lurking at my grave!

Conrad offers Ashley a job at Grayson Global – along with a Lexus and some ominous assurances of loyalty. Nolan offers to pay for Declan’s education.

Voice Over:
Absolution is a washing away of sin. A promise of rebirth and a chance to escape the transgressions of those who came before us. Otherwise, we’re doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

We end with a video snippet of the White Haired Man arriving at Grayson Global and scaring the bejesus out of Conrad. The shadowy figure in that video matches the shadowy US Marshall in the photo of David in prison. Gasp!

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