Saturday Night Live (SNL) With Eli Manning and Rihanna Promo Video

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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning hosts an all-new Saturday Night Live on Saturday, May 5, 2012 with musical guest Rihanna.

*Update: Eli Manning on SNL Videos*

In the promo video Rihanna hams it up with Eli Manning and Andy Samberg.

In the clip, Samberg tells Manning to go long. “What, you don’t even have a football,” the New York Giants quarterback responds. “Oh that’s a football thing, that’s how we greet each other here,” Samberg says, adding, “Hey Rihanna, go long!”

“Go long,” RiRi replies as she gives Samberg a high five, much to the chagrin of Manning.

Not only is Rihanna performing on the show, she also is planning to appear in a sketch or two.

Will you be tuning in? Check out the video on page 2.

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