Why Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Split

By on May 14, 2012

To all appearances, Sofia Vergara and her boyfriend Nick Loeb seemed to be together for the long term. But their recent break-up has revealed that their relationship was not what it seemed.

Vergara, one of the stars of Modern Family, was a constant at Loeb’s side as he recovered from a serious car accident in August 2010. A year after that, she stood by him when he ran for the Florida US Senate.

But now, sources are revealing that behind the public appearances and PDAs was a couple who were complete opposites, with incredible chemistry. They were plagued by problems from the start of their relationship. A source close to Vergara told PEOPLE that the couple have broken up and gotten back together too many times to count, and that this, their most recent split, is a relief.

The source revealed that they were never a good match. Sofia is a fiery, free-spirit who wanted to enjoy life by going to parties and events and traveling. Loeb, however, was very concerned about his businesses, politics and ultimately settling down.

Vegara it seems has no desire to tie the knot or have more children. She was married at 18, and was a mother at 20 to a son. Loeb however, has been described by another friend as “very persistent almost to the point of annoying” about starting a family with her. The source has known Loeb for years and described his “overbearing, smothering” ways as another likely cause for the split. A third source close to Sofia told PEOPLE that she was happy with her life and would only change her mind because Loeb wanted it.

Vegara it seems has been unhappy for awhile with Loeb’s desires. A source told PEOPLE that he put off running for Senate because he loved Sofia and she didn’t think it was a good idea at the time. She said she was concerned about his recovery after the accident, but she did not want to be a politician’s wife instead. In November last year they confronted the press together when Loeb announced he would not run for the Senate, but behind the scenes things were not pretty. The source reveals that Loeb has assumed too many things and did not realize that Sofia was not ready for a commitment in love or a political one.

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