Touch Recap 5/3/12 Season 1 Episode 8 ‘Zone of Exclusion’

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These Touch episodes just seem to get more and more intricate and every week Jake’s puzzles prove to be more than mere coincidences. Let’s just jump into this week’s episode.

This week’s montage of potentially important characters include Martin riding on the bus, Jake doing a cat’s cradle, a handsome guy leaving a break-up note, an obstetrician waiting for someone (or thing) and a superstitious lady breaking a compact mirror.

Martin and Clea accompany Jake on a group field trip to a museum. On the way in, Jake bumps into a woman who spills all of her stuff. Jake swipes her cell phone and slips it into Martin’s pocket. When cell phone woman comes back to get her phone, she quickly runs out after seeing a young woman, Veronique, on a live broadcast from Paris. The young woman claims that that was her mother who she believed died 20 years ago.

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