The Vampire Diaries Recap 5/3/12 Season 3 Ep.22

By on May 3, 2012
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Everyone is becoming a vampire onThe Vampire Diaries” and no one is safe. If you need more details from last week, we have your recap right here.

It appears that both Bonnie and Alaric have officially transitioned into vampires but again, it is hard to really tell. This week, he is out for blood and he will take every and any one as his bite…I mean bait.


Oh Alaric, what a tangled web you weave. Or should we all just blame this on Elena? One never can tell but we are seeing a side to Alaric that is alarming and not suitable for someone who is supposed to be raising Elena and Jeremy.

Tyler has decided to go help Klaus pack up; Klaus still thinks that Ty is sired to him. Caroline and Rebecca are stuck alone, cleaning up after the dance when both Ty and Matt bail on helping. Caroline apologizes for the loss of Esther; as Rebecca goes to the hall, she is greeted by a Alaric gone mad.

In the strangest twist, Caroline helps Rebecca attempt to stop Alaric while Jeremy and Elena are trying to pick up the broken pieces of their lives sans their guardian. Jeremy is just ready for a vampire free day while Elena is still seeking solace in Stefan.

Rebecca decides

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