Girls Recap 6/3/12 Season 1 “Sweet Mucus”

By on June 4, 2012
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Hannah and Adam are a real couple now, and he has come to HER apartment this particular morning. They are having their usual awkward sex, and Marnie can hear everything from the kitchen. This makes Marnie crawl deeper into her post-break-up self-pity. She bangs on the door, they keep going (weird dirty talk included), Marnie hates her life right now. And so the episode begins.

Adam convinces Hannah to go on a run with him. He is trim and fit, and pushes her until she stops in the middle of the street and takes off her running shoes in protest. An ice cream truck approaches, and Hannah asks Adam for money for ice cream, in which he replies,

“I don’t even have underwear on, where will I keep money?”

He also says he doesn’t like ice cream because it’s like “sweet mucus.” An endearing simile to say the least. He eventually pulls a five out of his shorts and pays for Hannah’s ice cream cone. Back at Hannah’s apartment, Adam watches Hannah eat her ice cream, he is naked, and he tells her he likes her more than ice cream. It’s all very sweet.

Meanwhile, Marnie comes out of her room to find naked Adam and Hannah in their ice cream bliss. She takes the opportunity to have them be a sounding board for her obsessions over her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend, and their adventures in Rome. Adam is empathetic to Marnie, and shares about the time when his heart was first broken in college, and how he used it as an opportunity to figure out what he really wanted and who he really is: a carpenter/actor. He lives his life doing what he wants, so he says. Marnie seems to feel understood and consoled by his words.

Adam takes Hannah to his “tech rehearsal” for an original two-man show he and his friend have been working on. Hannah sits in the front row to watch her new beauĀ fall into a quirky and heartfelt monologue about being a 15 year-old-boy. He tells the story of being rejected for years by a childhood crush, until 10 years later when he finally has sex with her, at which point in the monologue, he makes some humping motions, then explains he hasn’t worked on the next part yet. His friend comes on stage for the following scene, but Adam gets upset when he makes a lame “wigger” joke, clearly out of tone for what Adam has in mind for this show.

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