Khloe Kardashian IVF Miracle and Other Baby Drama – Photo

By on June 27, 2012

Another week of magazine covers, another week of lies.

This week we have Khloe Kardashian’s IVF miracle along with other baby lies stories on the cover of Life and Style Weekly.  While one would assume that an IVF miracle would mean a woman is pregnant, that is not always the case.  When you read it on the cover of a trash magazine,  it could mean anything.  Until Khloe Kardashian confirms she is pregnant, we are going to go with she isn’t.

Also on the cover of the magazine, is Teen Mom, Caitelynn hiding her pregnancy.  She has already come out and said she is not pregnant.  Tori Spelling is on bed rest, Drew Barrymore is having a girl and more pregnancy news we cannot believe.

The only believable story is that Giuliana Rancic had a baby shower.

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