Ozzy Osbourne Wants Jack Osbourne to Get a Second Opinion

By on June 19, 2012

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne believes his son Jack Osbourne should get a second opinion on his recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Ozzy was once told he had the same condition, but a second opinion showed that those doctors and their diagnosis were wrong.

Instead, Ozzy has Parkin Syndrome. He told Hello! magazine that is the reason he wants Jack to go for a second opinion. It took doctors six months to work out that he had a Parkin Syndrome, which is a rare hereditary syndrome.

Jack’s mother, Sharon Osbourne is taking the news hard has she watched her brother suffer through the same ordeal. In describing her reaction to the news, Jack said that she thought that somehow it’s her fault and that both his parents were taking it worse than he was.

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