Take Me Out Series Premiere Preview 6/7/12

By on June 1, 2012
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The new series, TAKE ME OUT, is about thirty lucky women searching for their perfect summer fling on a provocative and hilarious new dating show.

The show, hosted by George Lopez (who will definitely add some laughs), is based on the hugely successful international format.

The show is comprised of four rounds, begining with “The Flirty 30,” a group of 30 beautiful, single women in search of finding a match made in heaven. Every week, the women meet several brave bachelors who individually must impress them with their looks, personality and sense of humor. Each woman stands at a lighted podium with a switch that controls her fate for a date: if she thinks it’s a match, she keeps her light on; if her attraction has been short-circuited, then it’s lights out and she waits for the next potential Mr. Right.

As the rounds continue and the hopeful

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