How Will True Blood Deal With Anna Paquin’s Pregnancy?

By on June 1, 2012

It must be the burning question for every True Blood fan – how will the show handle its star, Anna Paquin‘s first pregnancy as her baby bump grows?

A baby isn’t anywhere in Sookie Stackhouse’s future, so what’s a show to do? Camera tricks of course, the tried and true way to handle any pregnancy not written into the storyline.

Creator of the show, Alan Ball, told Access Hollywood that it’s going to be a matter of Sookie holding something big, like a purse, in front of her at all times. The show’s costume designer already informed him about midway through the season that Anna won’t be able to wear a Merlotte’s t-shirt anymore. Turns out not to be an issue, because Sookie was off busy saving the world at that point in time. Cue the loose-fitting, save the world outfits.

Anna also told Access Hollywood that she has been feeling great and energetic as a new mom-to-be.

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