Angelina Jolie Named Honorary Citizen of Bosnia

By on July 9, 2012

Last year Angelina Jolie made her directorial debut with the movie In the Land of Blood and Honey. This year, she was named an honorary citizen of Bosnia for her contributions to Bosnia. She shot the film in the country to bring attention to the 1992-1995 Bosnian war.

The announcement came during her attendance at the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival over the weekend, which she attended with three of her kidS: Pax, Shiloh and Zahara.

Angelina teared up during her acceptance speech, telling the crowd that the honorary citizenship means so much to her and that her heart is in the city [Sarajevo].

She went on to describe, to Reuters, shooting her movie there as the hardest thing she’s ever done because of her deep respect for the people who experienced the war. The experience was unique, she said and added that she felt very connected to the people.

She was then asked if she would ever make another film to draw attention to a war-torn country and replied that she would only do so if she felt she was contributing something of worth, otherwise she wouldn’t do it. She’s been busy writing and would like to try to direct another film at some point. Her aim is to try and learn about countries like Afghanistan, though she doubts if she’s the best person to do a movie about such subject matter.

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