Big Brother 14 Recap 8/30/2012 Live Eviction Show

By on August 30, 2012
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We saw some of the best Big Brother game play in history this week from Season 10 champ Dan. Will the boisterous Brittany be able to one up him?

A lot happened this week on the Sunday and Wednesday shows, so if you saw them, skip about halfway down for the Thursday night events. For those poor souls who missed an excellent week of Big Brother, read on:

After his two key alliance members got the boot in a wild double eviction episode, Frank won HOH. Ready to avenge his mentor Boogie, he promptly nominated season 10 winner Dan, whom he believed responsible for the betrayal of he and Boogie to Brittany, and Dan’s mentee, Danielle.

But, as we all know, it’s Ian, the little engineering student from Tulane who spilled the beans and flipped the house.

So, Dan loses the Veto to Jenn and spends twenty-four hours in solitary confinement to reflect on how to save himself. Upon his release he holds his own Big Brother funeral. He gives sweet, sincere compliments to all but two houseguests: Danielle and Frank.

Danielle is scolded for betraying Dan – she’s dead to him (in the game)! She sobs, desperately searching for what she could’ve possibly done to betray her beloved Dan.

Dan then holds up his Bible and tells Frank they need to talk privately. Up in the HOH room, Dan makes Frank an offer he can’t refuse. First, Dan discloses the workings of the Quack Pack and that Ian was the one to betray Frank and Boogie, not Dan.

This is indeed news to Frank, who readily accepts Dan’s offer to create a counter alliance to oust Brittany. Jenn, also happily on board with Team Frank, uses her veto to save Dan, putting the woman from Arkansas up against the woman from Alabama.

Now, back to Danielle who, as it turns out, did nothing wrong. Dan needed her reaction to be sincere in order to save her. He still loves her and wants to work with her.

After last night’s episode, the alliances break down as such:

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One Comment

  1. ellen smith

    August 31, 2012 at 8:50 am

    What a week on BB. What would Dan’s Christian School—think of all that dishonest behavior!!! Dan’s actions have shifted from WWJD to WWDD!!!—not much of a role model for those young Christian Athletes/Students—shame shame shame

    thanks for the great update.

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