Common Law Recap 8/4/12 Season 1, Episode 9 “Hot For Teacher”

By on August 5, 2012
Common Law
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Go, Michael Phelps!  What? Oh, sorry. Got Caught up in The Olympics. Recap time!

Not Daniel Craig shows up for therapy early and Doctor Whom I’ve Seen Naked asks him how he feels the therapy is going and if he’s ready to go to the next level…as she puts a hand to his knee. She then stands up and sits on his lap. Of course it’s a dream and of course this is when Not Daniel Craig gets a call from Michael Ealy about a break in a case.

They’re waiting outside the suspect’s house when Not Daniel Craig confesses his dream to Michael Ealy who is delighted to hear it…just not in the way Not Daniel Craig likes so he’s glad that the suspect shows up to end this conversation. Of course when the suspect sees them he tries to run, which in this case means back into his truck where he can’t find the right key to unlock his shotgun. If you’re gonna be a successful criminal you shouldn’t have to unlock your guns. As they bring him in to the station, he’s trying to confess, but Michael Ealy still wants to hear about the dream. This is when Not Daniel Craig notices she’s actually there in the station. Doctor Whom I’ve Seen Naked is there to see Wacky Captain because her fiancée was attacked. Roll credits….

The fiancée of Doctor Whom I’ve Seen Naked is a “That Guy” as in you’ve seen him on every show at least once. In this case he’s Reed Diamond, who was on everything from Homicide Life On the Street (which means he looked at this script and either giggled uncontrollably or sighed heavily at what his life has become) to Judging Amy to 24. He’s tall and WASPy so he’s typecast a lot as “The Stiff” usually against the actual protagonist. What’s funny is that he looks like a taller, slightly older Not Daniel Craig and if I had any faith in this show I’d say they did it on purpose. They awkwardly meet him and are told they can’t help on the case because it’s a “conflict of interest.” This is in fact why I have no faith in this show because it’s in fact not a conflict of interest. They don’t even know what that term means!. The actual reasons they shouldn’t work this case is because a) that she’s their doctor makes it personal and b) another officer caught it, period. Sigh.

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