Did Dancing With the Stars Maks Slap Hope Solo?

By on August 17, 2012

Did Dancing With the Stars resident hottie Masksim Chmerkovskiy slap his former dance partner, Hope Solo, US Olympic Soccer Goalie?

This is a case of he said, she said since Hope Solo made the accusation in a new memoir just released. Solo, who has been known to be outspoken, claims Maksim slapped her ‘hard’ across the face out of frustration while trying to bend her into position while rehearsing for Dancing With the Stars.

Solo claims Chmerkovskiy was extremely apologetic following the incident and ABC even offered her a new dance partner but she chose to stay with Max.

Maksim has strongly denied the slapping incident and doesn’t understand why Solo is making such claims.

Maksim is known to have a temper and we have seen some harsh words come out of his mouth towards his dance partners but that doesn’t mean he would slap a woman.

What do you think – did Maksim slap Hope Solo? Or is Hope just trying to sell some books?

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  1. Bre

    September 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Dont believe for one minute Max slapped Hope. I would though!

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